July 18, 2012

Marissa Mayer Left Google to Become Yahoo's New CEO

Yahoo has just announced that it has appointed Marissa Mayer as the company's new President and CEO. Ms. Mayer is of course one of the top executives as Google who was responsible for much of the look and feel of Google's products. Famously, she's the first female Google hired and was also the company's 20th employee. Prior to her appointment at Yahoo, she oversaw Google's search business and was more recently involved with the company's maps and local efforts.

With the appointment of Mayer, Yahoo would now have a head with suitably substantial credentials. Furthermore, her appointment could also see Yahoo attract talent that was previously inaccessible - Google's for instance.

Where would Yahoo go now? Well, if Mayer has her way, she is said to be interested in focusing on the company's strong presence in email, finance and sports. She also wants to further capitalize on the Yahoo's mobile businesses and video services.


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