July 30, 2012

What is Tegra® 3?

What is Tegra® 3?

NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 is the world’s first mobile super processors that combine a quad-core mobile processor with an integrated ultra-low power (ULP) NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU to deliver unprecedented performance in a wide range of smartphones and tablets.


Key Features of Tegra® 3

Super 4-PLUS-1™
The Tegra® 3 not only boasts a quad-core processor, but also includes a 5th Battery Saver Core. The four main cores are designed to manage high-performance tasks, while consuming relatively less power than traditional dual-core processors. The fifth companion core takes over when less intensive tasks, such as music listening or background update, are needed to conserve battery, allowing your mobile device to last even longer.

NVIDIA® DirectTouch™
NVIDIA DirectTouch™ is an architecture that helps improve touch responsiveness and reduce power consumption by offloading portions of its touch processing to the Tegra® 3 processor, allowing users to continuously work on their mobile device without having to worry about running out of battery.

NVIDIA® 3D Vision™
Transform the way you play your mobile games by experiencing them in stereoscopic 3D. Thanks to NVIDIA's 3D Vision™ technology, the Tegra® 3 automatically converts OpenGL based games and apps into Stereo 3D. This allows users to enjoy glasses-free, eye-popping 3D effects from their mobile device, while playing the latest high-quality games.

To ensure your mobile device always look its best, the Tegra® 3 uses NVIDIA’s PRISM Display technology. PRISM (Pixel Rendering Intensity and Saturation Management) helps reduce a mobile device’s backlight power to extend battery life, while improving the pixel color to deliver great quality images.

Advantages – The Tegra® 3 Experience

Experience More. Go with Tegra® 3.
In today’s world, everything is incredibly fast-paced. People want faster web browsing, console-quality mobile gaming, and even entertainment content available at the push of a button. But in order to support all this and more on mobile devices, processors have to be up to the challenge and fortunately, the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 processor packs enough juice and maybe even a little more to offer great mobile computing options.

Web Browsing
Professionals who are always on the go will love Internet connectivity on smaller and lighter devices. Thanks to the Tegra® 3 processor, surfing the web from smartphones and tablets is now faster and more intuitive. Furthermore, users can quickly launch apps like Facebook, Pandora or YouTube and keep them all open at the same time with multi-tabbed, multimedia browsing.

College students will often find themselves stuck between doing a million things at once on their tablets or smartphones. From taking notes, sharing images, to accessing their apps and more, they want to do it all at once. Thankfully, the Tegra® 3 processor offers blazing-fast performance to allow photo sharing on Flickr, even while the users are on video chat or other social activities.

Can’t bring your desktop PC with you? Gamers will love the performance of heart-pounding racing, shooting, sports, and role-playing games — all in the palm of their hands. Whether you're taming mutants in Shadowgun THD or testing your skills on Zen Pinball THD, the Tegra® 3 processor leaves you with an experience like no other.

Want to make the most out of your Tegra® 3 device? Then, the TegraZone App will offer up-to-the-minute news, reviews, as well as the latest Tegra-optimized games. So for all you couch potatoes out there, this app will actually do all the necessary work for you.

HD Video
For the movie buffs and YouTube addicts, Tegra® 3 processor-powered mobile devices will be able to offer you a personal mobile theater wherever you go. Enjoy full HD quality for the first time ever on a mobile device or even 3D content – glasses-free.


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