October 17, 2012

hybris to Exhibit Seamless Multichannel Solution for B2C, B2B at eCommerce Expo

hybris, a leading international provider of multichannel commerce software, will exhibit at the 2012 eCommerce Expo on October 16 and 17 at ShanghaiMart in Shanghai, China, together with partners Adobe, arvato systems and Computop. hybris Multichannel Suite has been released with full support of Simplified Chinese, providing organizations that wish to open business in China a seamless solution across all business channels, including online, mobile and social. This unified platform provided by hybris manages all aspects of business, from brand engagement to shopping experiences to financial transactions. By providing streamlined content authoring, management, content delivery, and optimization capabilities, businesses will be able to achieve a rapid time to market by quickly adapting web and mobile merchandising to the demands of the global marketplace.

Online sales are exploding in China, and western companies are racing to develop successful e-commerce strategies to capitalize on this fertile market. China’s Ministry of Commerce reported that web-based B2C sales in 2011 reached US$124.22 billion, a 53.7% increase from the previous year. Furthermore, mobile commerce is on the rise in China, with Near-Field Communication (NFC) and the QC Code having already made its way into Chinese ecommerce. The Shopping Wall, which has already appeared in South Korea, is likely to open in China as more consumers use the latest smartphones to make purchases. Forrester Research estimates that the total value of the ecommerce retail market in China will grow to US$356 billion in 2016.

hybris, named as a leading B2C commerce suite vendor in Forrester Research’s latest Wave report on B2C Commerce, provides the tools that enable organizations to meet current demand by deploying the market’s first fully integrated, truly multichannel commerce solution from the start. It does this by supporting complete out-of-the-box B2C desktop and mobile and B2B desktop implementations and includes more features and options as standard than any other solution currently available. Multichannel projects can now start with fully working storefronts, enabling businesses to go live in just three to four months as they only need to rebrand and perform the essential integrations with their order fulfillment system and payment service provider.

hybris has already received praise from its customers in China. Benefit Cosmetics is an international cosmetics brand who first employed hybris’ products when they decided to enter China’s ecommerce market. “The hybris system is highly flexible,” says Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, Benefit Cosmetics, “enabling our China operation to be a proof-of-concept for future operations in China and other Asian markets with non-Latin languages, while aligning it with our global business model. I’m very satisfied with our choice.”

The hybris solution is built for any industry that wishes to take advantage of China’s growing ecommerce. Organizations can conduct business with each other with ease and assurance that hybris’ professional expertise works for them. Furthermore, retailers can attract more consumers by offering all different points of access to make a sale.

Burghardt Groeber, VP of hybris Asia Pacific, explains, “Organizations often delay multichannel commerce implementations due to time and resource concerns, with mobile getting pushed to ‘later’. These projects require a broad range of relevant knowledge and expertise, a large team, business requirements and technology planning, and the definition and re-engineering of processes. As a result, the time-to-value is viewed to be too long.” He goes on to explain that hybris provides the software to speed up the time of multichannel deployments and enables organizations to build a lasting multichannel solution.


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