November 28, 2012

hybris Enables Digital Content Providers to Create High-Value, On-going Relationships with Customers

hybris, the top-rated provider of omni-channel commerce software, today further strengthened its position of offering the most agile, most modern commerce platform by announcing important new features that empower publishers of books, magazines, games and software, as well as other service providers, to sell more digital goods, content and services online.

“Digital products are different from physical products. They’re alive,” stated Ariel Ludi, CEO of hybris. “Using the internet to stay connected after the initial sale, offering related or next-in-series products in context, gives publishers of any digital goods or content the ability to have high-value perpetual digital relationships with their customers. hybris helps them create – and grow – those relationships.”

A host of new enhancements to the hybris Commerce Suite, purpose-built to support the sale of non-physical products, enables online sellers to offer a variety of flexible recurring pricing models. In addition, merchandisers can easily construct complex bundles of products, with sophisticated rule-based discounts, and give their customers the power to create their own packages with a modern guided-selling user experience.

For all publishers of digital goods and content, the result is higher conversion rates, higher average order value, higher lifetime customer value, a recurring revenue stream and much better ability to monetize their long tail of previously issued products.

For book and magazine publishers, hybris’ new capability makes it possible to sell individual chapters or articles, or bundle them on the fly. Software and game publishers can leverage the new features to more easily sell add-ons, upgrades, subscription renewals and downloadable content (DLC).

In addition to the new capabilities, hybris Commerce Suite offers proven tools for personalization, merchandising for cross-selling and up-selling, a highly-acclaimed master data management / product and service catalog and order orchestration capabilities, all delivered on a single, modern, integrated technology stack. This capability is unique among commerce platforms.

hybris also delivers powerful technology (known as a REST API) for implementing “headless commerce”, where the product itself – the book, magazine, game or application – is the commerce front-end, and transactions are effected in-context, greatly increasing conversions. This technology also makes it much easier for publishers to support the complex array of different and constantly changing devices.

“As the shift from paper and CDs to downloaded or streaming content accelerates, companies are increasingly experimenting with innovative selling models. hybris supports these initiatives with an agile selling platform that is engineered for extension, expansion, and innovation,” said Moritz Zimmerman hybris Chief Technology Officer. “With these new capabilities, publishers selling to consumers, professionals, academics or industry will get much faster time to innovation and a much better total cost of ownership.”


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