December 10, 2012

YouTube announced YouTube Partner Program to video creators in Malaysia

YouTube today announced that it has aunched the YouTube Partner Program to video creators in Malaysia, allowing them to make money from their original works. Now any Malaysian creator with even just one original video can apply to become a Partner and start making money. This gives many in Malaysia the chance to follow the path of other YouTube Partners overseas who make a living just from the money they make on YouTube.

The Partner Program is YouTube’s way of sharing advertising revenue with video creators. Once a video creator becomes a Partner, he or she can choose to run ads against their videos. YouTube then splits the revenue generated by those ads, with the majority share going to the Partner. Beyond the opportunity to make money, YouTube provides these video creators with resources and opportunities to improve their skills, optimize their content for YouTube, and build larger audiences.

David Macdonald, Head of YouTube Content Operations in Asia-Pacific, said, “Since launching YouTube in Malaysia earlier this year, we have seen amazing things from Malaysians posting their videos on YouTube. They are coming to YouTube to tell their stories — whether in the form of songs performed in their bedrooms, short films, comedy skits, footage of everyday life, or pet videos. These partners will now be able to make money from videos that find big audiences, and this will help very popular video creators build entire careers on YouTube. We hope this helps bring more Malaysian talent onto YouTube to share with the world.”

Every year, YouTube pays out millions of dollars to people through the Partner Program. There are now more than one million channels earning revenue through the YouTube Partner Program, with revenue more than doubling for four years in a row. Thousands of channels are making six figures a year, and during 2011, the number of partners making more than $1k/month nearly doubled.

To be able to make money from videos, uploaders on YouTube must follow the Community Guidelines and own all the rights to the video and music used. Users must also set up a Google AdSense account to collect revenue earned from their videos.


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