January 18, 2013

hybris Announces Major Additions and Enhancements to its hybris Extend ISV Partner Program

hybris, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider ranked “leader” by both principle analyst firms, announced a significant expansion of its hybris Extend program for independent software vendors.

hybris Extend is an online integration marketplace giving customers access to best-of-breed applications, extensions and network services developed by hybris partners, all of which are optimized to work with the hybris OmniCommerce platform. While hundreds of third-party products have been integrated and deployed in hybris customer implementations, only those vendors having a close working relationship with hybris and promising pre-built integrations with hybris software qualify for hybris Extend – assuring customers higher quality, smoother, more efficient deployments and better business relationships.

“The hybris OmniCommerce Suite is comprehensive, but our solutions often are the hub of an even larger ecosystem of technologies and solutions,” said Ariel Lüdi, CEO of hybris. “The best way for us to serve our customers is to make their technical and business integrations across that ecosystem as seamless and easy as possible. That is the goal of hybris Extend”.

hybris Extend now includes over 30 independent software vendors committed to hybris, in eleven categories:
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management & Marketing
  • Community & Social
  • Customer Experience Management & Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management & Customer Service
  • Fulfillment
  • In-Store
  • Marketplace Integration & Comparison Shopping
  • Payments, Fraud Management, Billing & Tax
  • Rich Media & Content Enhancement
  • Technology
Seven vendors have earned an elite level of partnership: hybris Extend Strategic Partners. This designation identifies partners not only committed to strong pre-built integrations with the hybris platform, but also those who are the leaders in their field, with strong global customer bases. These leaders also share joint marketing and in-field implementation coordination with hybris. hybris Extend Strategic Partners include, to date:
  • Adobe (Analytics & Business Intelligence, Customer Experience Management & Optimization)
  • Avalara (Tax)
  • Bazaarvoice (Community & Social)
  • Compuware (Technology)
  • CyberSource (Payments, Fraud Management)
  • LivePerson (Customer Relationship Management & Customer Service)
  • Responsys (Campaign Management & Marketing).
hybris’ standards-based open architecture is designed to encourage deep and broad integrations with external products. To further increase the utility and lower the total cost of ownership of such extensions, hybris has developed OmniCommerce Connect, a state-of-the-art RESTful Application Program Interface between hybris commerce functionality and third-party software.

“We have numerous clients around the globe that leverage Bazaarvoice within their hybris ecommerce environment. Being a part of the Extend program ensures that our joint customers get the best experience possible from our solutions: one that delivers on the vision of social-enabled commerce,” said Jim Petty, Vice President, Technology Partnerships at Bazaarvoice.


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