April 10, 2013

Razer Rolls Out Orbweaver Stealth Edition FPS Keypad

Razer rolled out a newer, quieter variant of its Orbweaver FPS keypad. Designed for PC gamers who crave a well-placed WASD cluster alongside their bulky main keyboards, the Orbweaver Stealth Edition uses quieter mechanical switches, which feature 45 g actuation force, and 2 mm key-travel.

 The main keypad provides you with 20 completely programmable keys, from which you can configure WASD (up/left/down/right), and other useful action keys around them. In addition to the 20 keys, Orbweaver Stealth Edition gives you an 8-direction analog thumb-stick, and a thumb-button that can take function of your left-thumb controlled spacebar. It features adjustable palm- and thumb-rests. Measuring 154 x 55 x 202 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 300 g. It plugs into your PC as a common USB keyboard. Available for pre-order on RazerZone, it is priced at US $129.99.


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