April 19, 2013

Transcend MP350 Stylish and Rugged MP3 Player

Transcend today announced the launch of its new compact digital music player, the MP350 – a stylish yet rugged MP3 player designed to complement the lives of active users. Aside from its excellent physical characteristics, the sporty MP350 includes a handy fitness tracker, providing an extra incentive to achieve both short and long term fitness goals.

 All-weather Fitness Companion
Transcend’s MP350 digital music player features a sleek, durable, and water-resistant outer shell that not only looks good but also allows users to listen outdoors in all weather conditions. It hosts a number of excellent qualities that make it suitable for use during exercise, including: a built-in sports clip, easy-grip rubberized surface, compact size, ultra light weight, and intuitive controls that can be operated effortlessly while on the move. The MP350 also features an extra bright easy-to-read OLED display, making it simple to navigate the user-friendly graphical interface, even in broad daylight.

Handy Sports Functions
Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be keen to utilize the MP350’s convenient sports functions. After selecting the specific sport type and workout goal, the practical fitness tracker allows users to preset the total exercise time or the amount of calories they wish to burn – providing that extra bit of motivation needed to complete a strenuous workout. At the end of each workout, the MP350 saves a record of the data from the total session, helping users monitor progress towards their personal targets. 

High Quality Sound
The versatile MP350 supports the popular MP3, WMA, and WAV music formats and boasts a high signal-to-noise ratio of over 90dB to deliver superior audio output quality. Moreover, the MP350 provides seven advanced equalizer effects to choose from, including a special user-customizable option that allows music playback to be tailored to match specific music tastes and styles. Loading music files directly onto the MP350 is as easy as drag and drop thanks to its built-in micro USB connector, and it can even serve as a portable storage device; allowing users to transport, store, and share their favorite photos, videos, and documents.

Additional Features
Besides offering superb portable entertainment, the MP350 features a voice recorder and FM radio. With the integrated microphone and other useful functions, such as A-B repeat, the MP350 provides excellent tools for both students and professionals aiming to review important class lectures, business meetings or even foreign language lessons.


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