June 18, 2013

hybris is selected by ASICS for the Infrastructure of The Company's New Global Consumer Websites

hybris Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of hybris, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider ranked “leader” by both principal analyst firms, announces today ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President CEO: Motoi Oyama) has selected hybris Commerce Suite for the infrastructure of the company's new global consumer websites, featuring corporate, branding and e-commerce functions. The solution will empower ASICS’ branding and transactional pages, supporting its omni-channel deployments and B2C commerce with consumers. The company has started designing and integrating the new system in the US in 2013 before it rolls it out to other countries.

 In the middle of 2011, ASICS launched an internal project to rebuild the system, by using an omni-channel enabled e-commerce solution. As a result of carefully comparing and verifying several vendor solutions, ASICS selected hybris Commerce Suite in May 2012.

“We are planning to integrate our global e-commerce and websites as part of our ‘ASICS Growth Plan’,” Yuichi Honma, Senior General Manager Global IT Division, ASICS Corporation explained. “hybris’ single platform allows us to scale our solution globally with maximum flexibility in a short period of time with a pricing structure that supports this approach.” The primary reasons that hybris Commerce Suite was selected include:
  • Large installation base among global customers, supremacy supported by 3rd party endorsers, and high evaluation for global business deployment and support provision.
    hybris has a large installation base across a wide scope of industries and regions. Its innovativeness and supremacy are supported by 3rd party endorsers such as analysts. In addition, its global business deployment and support provision are highly evaluated.
  • Platform supporting global operations and enhanced functionalities as well as easy-to-use intuitive tools for end-users and business users.
    The hybris Commerce Suite has a flexible platform natively supporting customers' global operations, while offering rich features for end-users including various automated calculation capabilities, multi-language interfaces for business users and intuitive tools allowing even for non-technical employees.
  • Architecture enabling fast time to market, flexible functional scalability and price structure.
The hybris Commerce Suite offers a consistent solution in a single platform, offering several benefits to the customers, including industry standard Java-based light applications, the architecture allowing quick deployment, the flexible platform and price structure which allow the customers to scale as their businesses grow.“ASICS is a world-recognized company which needs to be able to quickly react to the changing demands of the market while maintaining its strong brand integrity,” said Masaaki Morita, Country Manager of Japan, hybris. “We are extremely happy to be working with such well-respected name in the industry, supporting its future growth both domestically and globally.”


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