September 21, 2013

ViewSonic Launches New PJD8 Series Projectors With Dual Pen Interactivity And Advanced Connectivity Technology

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, introduces its brand new PJD8 series today with an impressive assortment of features including dual pen interactivity and advanced connectivity functionality. New projector models include the PJD8653ws, PJD8333s and PJD8633ws.

“When it comes to ultra short throw projector solutions, its common that manufacturers will offer either reflective mirror technology or direct projection technology, but we feel it is important to offer our customers both,” said Roger Chien, product manager for ViewSonic. “Paired with advanced interactive and connectivity features, our brand new PJD8 series delivers the opportunity of choice, not chance.”

This new ultra short throw, networkable series allows the projector to be mounted right above a whiteboard or screen without creating hot spots, shadows or casting bright light in front of the presenter, making it perfect for smaller or difficult projection spaces like classrooms and meeting rooms. Equipped with a Crestron® LAN controller, the PJD8 series makes it easy for IT administrators to remotely control and manage multiple projectors from their workstations, while AMX® Device Discovery™ certification allows for easy integration. For maximum flexibility, this series is available in two different solutions – the 53 line for enhanced interactivity and the 33 line for advanced connectivity. All PJD8 series projectors come with BrilliantColor™ technology, for vibrant colors and 2600-3000 ANSI lumens for sharp images. No matter the solution, the PJD8 series is packed with features, including HDMI®, integrated 16w speakers, LAN control and DynamicEco™, with added benefits depending on the line, such as dual pen interactivity, a mobile app for smart phone and tablet functionality and PC-less presentations.

PJD8 Series, 33 Line – Advanced Connectivity
The perfect line for small classroom spaces and corporate environments, the PJD8633ws and PJD8333s are advanced networkable ultra short throw projectors with direct projection technology that deliver bright images from a short distance. Both utilize a larger fisheye lens, with the WXGA DLP®PJD8633ws delivering widescreen presentations at 81” from 2.1 feet away (throw ratio 0.375), while the XGA DLP®PJD8333s projects a 70” image from 2.2 feet (throw ratio 0.468).

Advanced Connectivity Technology on the PJD8633ws and PJD8333s make possible the wireless streaming of content from smartphones and tablets while enabling remote control capabilities. Packed with further advanced features for easy of use and remote operation, this line offers wired and wireless LAN display, USB display, a 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI connection and PC-less presentation functionality. As a result, presenters can share a PowerPoint presentation from their home office to a projector located at the corporate office, making the PJD8 33 line ideal for remote presentations and telecommuters.

PJD8653ws – Dual Pens Means Double The Interactivity
The PJD8653ws feature networkability and interactivity support in a format that is more convenient and mobile, while being much less expensive than entry-level smart boards and interactive whiteboards today. Utilizing reflective mirror technology, the WXGA DLP® PJD8653ws can be mounted above an interactive white board or wall for the projection of an image up to 110”. Paired with an optional interactive package (PJ-PEN-003) with IR camera module, use up to two interactive pens at a time to digitally write, draw and annotate on images, then save content as JPEG files to circulate via email. Teamed with interactive drawing software, practically any surface is turned into an interactive whiteboard making for the ultimate in collaborative learning and engaging presentation.

Availability and Pricing
All new PJD8 series projectors will be distributed by Ban Leong Technologies Sdn.Bhd. and Ingens Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia, and come with a two year on-site pick-and-drop service, limited parts and labor and one-year lamp warranty. The PJD8333S ,PJD8633WS and PJD8653WS will be available in Q4 for SRP of RM5599, RM5999 and RM6699. The SRP for optional PJ-PEN-003 interactive package will be announced on a later date.


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