December 20, 2013

Silicon Power Unveil the USB OTG whole new storage line

OTG Flash Drive seems to be a must have to Android phones now. Silicon Power also unveils a whole new storage line, USB OTG Series – Mobile X10 and Touch T01 Mobile, built for changing your storage experience of your mobile life. These two revolutionary Micro USB flash drives can greatly enhance the storage capacity for your Android Smartphone and tablet devices, and allow users to back up or store their personal files on-the-go.

One Device, Dual Access, Multiple Enjoyments
With its built-in dual connectors, SP Mobile X10 is able to connect to your Smart Handheld devices via Micro USB interface, as well as to PC or notebook via standard USB port. This 2-in-1 specification enables OTG series to deliver a seamless and spontaneous data transferring from and to for your portable devices. Without compromising the limited storage space on your smartphone or tablets, users can easily back up or gain access to their personal photos, video and audio files anytime and anywhere.

Plug It and Play It
With no additional power supply or cable required, you just simply plug in X10 to OTG supported Smartphone or tablet for a full access to your digital data. It features with the robust zinc alloy case and the compact size, and is able to create a noble and delicate metallic shine while plugged in your portable device or PC, without interfering your daily usage and operation.

Touch T01 Mobile, Creating Flexibility and Diversity
Unlike X10’s unibody structure, Touch T01 Mobile delivers the perfect combination of flexibility and diversity. With a push of a thumb, T01 Mobile can be disassembled into two devices, a regular USB flash drive Touch T01, and an OTG Adaptor 110 which is the smallest device in the industry. This OTG Adaptor is fully compatible with the traditional flash drive, and the multi-functional detachable design enables users to change the flash drive freely, making the storage experience more flexible and enjoyable.

Featuring with a tiny and featherweight design, both X10 and T01 Mobile are built-in with a strap hole at the end, allowing users to store and carry as a trendy accessory for their mobile devices. Incorporated with the COB (Chip On Board) technology, X10 and T01 are water, dust, shock and vibration proof. With the various choices of storage capacity, X10 is available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, and T01 Mobile in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. X10 and T01 are both covered by a lifetime warranty, and the OTG Adaptor 110 is by one year warranty.


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