April 28, 2014

KINGMAX Introduces Nano Gaming RAM and to go with SSD for Gamers

The newly released KINGMAX Nano Gaming RAM strives for better performance in terms of frequency and voltage, and KINGMAX is dedicated to finding the optimal balance between the two to bring an all new usage experience for over-clocking enthusiasts. KINGMAX also used its exclusive Nano cooling technology to make cooling more efficient and to bring better stability for Nano Gaming Ram, allowing gamers to become more excited and hot-blooded because of its the smooth and immersive game play! 

The new Nano Gaming RAM comes in two over-clocking clock selections: 1866MHz and 2133MHz. They both comply with Intel’s XMP specifications with memory timing adjusted to 11-11-11. In addition, in order to increase overall configuration efficiency, they are equipped with 1.5V and 1.65V. Their access speed is faster, therefore they can achieve better PC performance configurations, and they can also effectively increase the stability of the system and significantly increase the CP value of the memory. Nano Gaming RAM is plug & play and does not require manual BIOS parameter settings. It can automatically over-clock under conditions allowed by the system. The materials used for KINGMAX DDR3 memories are the best IC chips to ensure that every memory is 100% compatible with different brand hardware. KINGMAX memory is also manufactured with globally patented TinyBGATM technology so that they have advantages including compact size, great cooling, low power consumption and low electrical interference etc. These allow the memory to exert maximum performance so that even beginners can easily enjoy over-clocking. 

Recently, the prices of SSD have reached a sweet spot; therefore, gamers can also upgrade it immediately. It will definitely reflect on the role of games right away, especially at places such as ARAM in League of Legends where you cannot purchase equipment, life or magic once you have passed the spawn points. A justice land with such difficulty has no tolerance for errors. Gamers will definitely be in deep sorrow if they die because their hardware equipment is not powerful enough to handle the actions of the game. 

KINGMAX also released different SSD selections in response to the different needs of gamers. SME Xvalue has an extremely high CP value, which makes it very suitable for beginners. SME Xvalue is smooth and steady, has all necessary functions and the price is very approachable, making it a really good deal! Advanced gamers can start to pursue access speeds. SMP32/SMP35 Client is able to provide better speed experience (reading speed reach 520MB/s). Finally, the SSD SMU32/SMU35 Client pro is designed specifically for professional gamers with read and write speeds both over 520MB/s and 85,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). These specifications are really appealing! 


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