April 29, 2014

ViewSonic Readies 27-inches Large-Screen Displays for Professional and Commercial Market

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of visual solution products, has successfully expands its display series into the monitor sized 27-inches with innovation. This series includes products such as professional Quad HD display for graphic design, edge-to-edge frameless monitors, intuitive touch screens,and audio-visual entertainment models. With the complete product range, ViewSonic provides customers with a broader choice of applications, whether it is in the professional graphics, business sector, interactive education, digital signage, or entertainment.

“The shipment for LCD monitor 27-inches is gradually growing and becomes a trend on the market as the users are getting used to big screen size.” said Max Hsu, PM Director for ViewSonic Asia Pacific. “The demand from business sector and professional graphics for large-sized display is increased in recent years. With the popularity of wireless networks and multimedia devices, more and more enterprises integrate communications into video conferencing equipment. Large-screen video conferencing enable all the images clearer and break the limitation of screen size. Besides, as the global design industry is flourishing, the demand for professional graphic design platform is also growing dramatically. And color performance is of the utmost importance to professional users.”

For all the years, ViewSonic has been investing in R&D for large-sized displays. Tailored made for graphic design, media creation, publishing and other color-critical applications, ViewSonic 27-inches VP2772 and VP2770 come with 2560x1440 QHD resolution and wide viewing angles to deliver the ultimate in color and image quality. The VP2772 delivers outstanding levels of detail and clarity with 2560x1440 QHD resolutions. Accurately displaying 99 percent of the wider Adobe RGB color space, the VP2772 features an advanced 12-bit color engine that delivers 1.07 billion colors and creates stunning images for professional graphic design, media editing, or even gaming enjoyment for true-to-life colors.

Getting in front of the trend for large-screen displays for audio-video enjoyment, ViewSonic introduces the sexy slim VX2770Sml-LED/VX2770Smh-LED/VX2703mh-LED for convenient connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The VX2770Smh-LED/VX2703mh-LED comes with full HD1080p high resolutions and HDMI interface to connect to high-definition multimedia devices and brings perfect visual for playing games, watching movie clips and more. The speakers powered by SRS Premium Sound® delivers a rich multimedia experience. As to the sleek frameless VX2770Sml-LED, it comes with the industry-leading SuperClear ® Image Enhancement Technology with wide viewing angles, brilliant pixel quality of the 1920x1080 Full HD panel, 30,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and MHL 2.0 connection. The MHL and HDMI connections share the same ports, providing the VX2770Sml-LED flawless streaming from a variety of MHL and HDMI-equipped media devices, such as smartphones and tablets without turning on a PC/Laptop. ViewSonic provide the best choice for all featured monitors to deliver the functionality and services that define the new era of digital entertainment.


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