May 5, 2014

GIADA Launches The Versatile Q20W Mini PC

JEHE Technology has launched the latest instalment in their mini PC range GIADA Q20W. The Q20W Allwinner A20 Mini PC is powered by ARM® A7 Dual core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz, and is aptly designed for versatility and convenience. Equipped with 1GB DDR3 RAM, it is powerful enough to play graphic rich games, browse the web, and effortlessly transform into a broadcasting PC.  At 130X128.5X26mm, the Q20W is a light and slim processor that delivers optimum performance despite its tiny size.

It sports a luxurious soft touch black finish and is integrated with a built-in Wi-Fi antenna, enabling you to share media content between your smart phone, laptop, or TV. It fully supports HDMI video output of up to 1080p and can handle even the most graphically intense android games.  Trans Flash Card can be optimised to expand its storage capacities up to 32 GB for storing unlimited data. Pre-installed with the latest and popular Android 4.2 operating system, the processor employs fast boot up and supports all android supported apps for enhanced entertainment.

The Q20W has a unique on/off timer feature and auto power on/function, so there is no power button and the media hub will conveniently power up as soon as it's plugged in. It consumes minimal power supply without compromising in its functionality.

The I/O panel of the mini PC supports 1 HDMI port, three USB 2.0 ports, jacks for headphones and microphones and an integrated multiple card reader.  It makes the Q20W more interesting and the best bargain buy in the tech market.

Price and Availability:
1 year warranty and with the price of US$118,-

Tel: +603-78876626


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