June 26, 2014

Philips announces two new PowerSensor displays

Philips announces two new PowerSensor displays that use intuitive human sensor technology to detect user presence and automatically reduce monitor brightness when users step away, reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent while prolonging the life of the monitor. The eco-friendly 24- and 27-inch displays utilize the LCD backlight for better dimming control and offer superior color reproduction. 

The Philips PowerSensor displays’ ergonomic design is ideal for work, home, gaming and creative editing environments. The monitors’ SmartErgoBase allows for height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle adjustments to position the displays for maximum comfort throughout the work day. The user-friendly monitors also offer SmartImage technology, which dynamically optimizes the screen for ultimate display performance based on the application in use. And with SmartContrast capabilities, the Philips PowerSensor displays automatically adjust colors and backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for ultimate digital image and video viewing. Additionally, the included DisplayPort technology supports up to 15 meter cables and 10.8 Gbps/sec data transfer. With higher capabilities than DVI standard, you get the fastest imaging and refresh rates, making it the best choice for general use, as well as gaming, movie and editing needs.

"Sustainability and cost savings are two top priorities for businesses and IT pros, and the Philips PowerSensor displays help ease both those concerns,"” said Chris Brown, TPV Global Product Marketing. "The displays’ intuitive human sensors do the work for you so you don’t have to consciously close down your computer when you step away for meetings. Plus, you’re not only you cutting energy costs, you’re also extending the life of the monitor.”"

The 24-inch Philips PowerSensor monitor is TCO Edge certified, meaning that the product uses a minimum of 65 percent post-consumer recycled plastics, is highly energy efficient, and has 100 percent recyclable packaging. At the flick of the 0 watt hard switch, you can completely cut-off the monitor from AC power. This results in zero power consumption reducing your carbon footprint even further. The 24-inch display also offers a USB Hub, allowing users to conveniently connect their devices with charging capabilities. The display offers a 5 ms response time, 250 cd/m2 brightness and a 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, while displaying 16.7M colors. The 24-inch Philips PowerSensor display also includes a pair of high quality speakers to enhance your sound experience when watching videos and playing games.

The 27-inch Philips PowerSensor monitor also offers a 5 ms response time, 1000:1 typical contrast ratio and 16.7M colors. Like the 24-inch model, the display is EPEAT GOLD certified to ensure protection for human health and the environment. The EPEAT program helps purchasers evaluate, compare and select monitors based on 51 environmental criteria supported by the U.S. EPA. GOLD certification is the highest level for electronic products designated for highly energy efficient models that ensure low emissions of greenhouse gases.


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