August 16, 2014

ViewSonic Introduced the VG series especially designed for business users

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics, and communications solutions, aims to assist all manner of small and medium enterprises in meeting their visual needs. The VG series, especially designed for business users, has an industry-leading ergonomic design that enables users to adjust the height, tilt, and viewing angles of the display, effectively enabling for increased movement and flexibility of the screen, and allowing users to optimize their viewing experiences. In addition, ViewSonic’s energy–saving Eco-mode allows businesses to save up to 25% in electricity costs via an energy-saving LED backlight that also works to prolong the product’s lifespan. With the VG series, any workplace can transform into a more productive and comfortable working environment.

The VG2439m-LED, one of the most popular models amongst business users, is a good example of how the VG series can bring work performance to the next level. Reflecting ViewSonic’s award-winning heritage, the VG2439m-LED features rich color performance in Full HD 1080p resolutions with dynamic contrast ratios for incredible pixel-by-pixel visual effects. The 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio in particular, detects the brightness of an image and automatically adjusts the backlight to maximize on color range and contrast, facilitating an accurate reproduction of images in order to produce vibrant and rich visual effects.

Embedded sRGB color correction technology also enables the monitor to display 100% accurate sRGB colors, ensuring that all captured photos and videos are displayed perfectly on the monitor and in print. The VG2439m-LED is the most powerful solution for the most demanding users and businesses in high-end graphic and printing industries. It is equipped with a DisplayPort 1.2 digital interface and boasts a bandwidth of 17.28 Gbit/s, which allows for high-definition sounds and quick image data transmissions. The Displayport interface also facilitates multi-monitor functionality for in-office productivity, while a DVI/VGA input and two USB inputs provide the flexibility and convenient connectivity needed for versatile peripherals when producing videos and designing graphics.

Made for commercial uses, the VG2439m-LED has an industry-leading ergonomic design that enables designers to adjust the height (0~135mm), tilt (Down 5º, Up 20º), and viewing angles (360 º) of the monitor. Such versatility allows users to place the monitor in the most ergonomically-correct position for their application. The flexibility and 90º rotating pivot also helps users to utilize their monitors in both landscape and portrait modes for greater convenience while browsing web pages or vertical graphics. The fully-adjustable ergonomic base also allows designers to place their monitor at the proper height for optimized hours of working comfortably. Without straining the eyes or neck, the ergonomic design essentially offers the maximum comfort needed for a perfect visual experience.

The VG2439m-LED also enhances a user’s multimedia experience with rich sound quality while efficiently conserving energy. The Eco-mode feature offers flexible options to empower users with the option to choose optimum power levels based on their situational needs. The Standard (100% Brightness), Optimize (75% Brightness), and Conserve (50% brightness) modes are available and can meet a variety of operating scenarios. In addition, with the inclusion of the VESA® wall-mount and a Kensington security slot, users will be able to make the most of their valuable desktop space as well.

“We aim to continue our prestigious 25 plus years of history in developing display technologies and premium widescreen LED monitors with the VG series,” said Max Hsu, director of product marketing, ViewSonic. “For those who demand the best and need an affordable solution with fully-adjustable ergonomics to optimize on efficiency, the VG series is a great choice.”


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