October 1, 2014

Kimtigo Releases KTD-101 Power Bank That Fits inside an organizer

Kimtigo (Tigo), a China-based leading semiconductor product brand, has officially released the latest addition to their popular power bank series-The KTD-101. Charge your mobile phone or any other mobile gadget easily with the extremely slim and portable KTD-101 power bank. Easy to charge, you can simply connect it to your mobile device and charge up to 20 hours of battery life. They can power up the mobile gadgets like iPhone, iPod even iPad for over 500 times and offer uninterrupted entertainment and connectivity anytime and anywhere. It dramatically reduces the charge time for your mobile devices and charges quickly within minutes.

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives and are our constant source of entertainment and keep us connected to the world. Unfortunately, limited battery life hinders our social networking activities and we are left stranded when the battery suddenly drains out. The KTD-101 is the ideal solution for all your battery woes as it can charge your mobile gadget instantly without any worries of finding a charging outlet near you. It is perfect for globe trekkers, students and work professionals who are always active in outdoor activities. 
The KTD-101 is an attractive, slim power bank that sports a rich black colour and streamlined appearance. Weighing 350g and measuring at 213 x 139.6 x 6.7, it is an extremely lightweight and portable power bank that can fit easily inside your backpack or laptop bag. Kimtigo boasts of its international creative team for creating innovative ideas and crafting the most unique products to be released in the market. Promising classic yet new age designs, the KTD-101 comes encased in high-grade magnesium alloy shell for durability and high performance. To make it more space convenient, Kimtigo designers have taken every detail into consideration by precisely crafting special holes in the power bank so that it can be clamped into document folders. This means the power bank is tucked safely in the document holder and prevents any desk clutter-perfect for office use.

Apart from its good looks, the KTD-101 features a high quality rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 10,000mAh capacity, which means it offers a massive charge capacity of up to 20 hours anytime and anywhere. It can charge your iPhone 4-8 times faster than conventional external battery packs. For example, it can charge the iPhone four times on a single load. It extends the life of your tablet, phone, camera or any USB-powered gadget by hours or even days.

Four high efficiency LED lights indicate the level of charging and is also extremely efficient for nocturnal use. It is the perfect accompaniment for camping trips and overnight stays so you can check if your gadget is fully charged.

The KTD-101 sports two USB ports on a single power bank, allowing to charge two devices at the same time and saves you the trouble to carry several small capacity ones. Charge your iPhone simultaneously with your tablet PC or iPad for quick and uninterrupted charging. The KTD-101 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, iPods, iPhones, iPads and gives it the extra juice whenever your battery power goes low.

Kimtigo adheres to strict safety standards. It is certified by CE/FC/VCI/EMS/Cross bin/ RoHS and is backed with Kimtigo’s lifetime warranty to ensure the consumer receives the best of our products and services.


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