July 10, 2015

Creative Announces the BT-W2 High Performance USB Bluetooth® Audio Transceiver for PC, Mac and PS4™

Creative Technology Ltd today introduced the BT-W2, a high performance USB Bluetooth Audio Transceiver that is the perfect companion for streaming high fidelity stereo audio and delivering clear communication wirelessly with a PC, Mac or PS4 game console.

Current Bluetooth implementation offered by conventional notebook computers is cumbersome and erratic. The BT-W2 is a simple plug-and-play USB audio device instantly recognised by these computers to stream USB audio, wirelessly without any setup hassle. When easily paired with Creative's selected range of Bluetooth headsets and devices, the BT-W2 offers the full range of advanced features for wireless streaming of high fidelity audio and communication not found in other solutions.

Moreover, standard Bluetooth implementation on PCs suffers from its inherently long delay (high latency) when streaming audio, making it highly unsuitable for real-time gaming and video watching. The BT-W2 boasts aptX® Low Latency (aptX-LL) support which offers the ability to stream high quality stereo audio wirelessly from a computer or PS4 with barely noticeable delay, plus, a dedicated voice-back channel for communication. Users now can transmit clear voice chats wirelessly without sacrificing the quality of audio playback when paired with receiving devices that support aptX-LL.

The BT-W2 instantly transforms any computer or PS4 into an enhanced Bluetooth audio transmitter and voice receiver - giving users the freedom to enjoy high-fidelity audio and stellar voice communication while moving around, untethered by cables.

Key Features of the Creative BT-W2 High Performance USB Bluetooth Audio Transceiver:

•Real-time stereo audio sync with aptX® Low Latency
Creative BT-W2 supports the industry standard aptX-LL codec which enables high fidelity stereo audio streaming to Creative Bluetooth aptX-LL receiving devices with barely noticeable delay. 

•Dedicated voice-back channel for clear communication
Creative BT-W2 provides a true Bluetooth voice-back channel that allows users to talk in conjunction with any kind of voice application such as Skype or online gaming, providing a crystal clear voice communication experience in games and calls over wireless connection - without compromising the quality of music playback. 

•Plug and Play functionality
Simply plug the Creative BT-W2 High Performance USB Bluetooth Audio Transceiver into a PC, Mac or PS4 game console and users can instantly enjoy seamless wireless audio streaming and communication on a Bluetooth device. 

•Optimised for Sound Blaster X7 and Sound Blaster E5
The BT-W2 pairs perfectly with receiving devices that support aptX-LL such as Creative's Sound Blaster X7 and Sound Blaster E5, providing an easy way to connect wirelessly yet delivering high quality low latency audio streaming from a computer or PS4 - fitting perfectly into the lifestyle of users who wish to enjoy crisp, clear audio playback while working or gaming around the place without the hassle of wires! 

•Perfect companion for Creative's range of wireless headphones with microphone
Compatible with Sound Blaster JAM, Aurvana Platinum, Aurvana Gold and most Bluetooth headsets, the BT-W2 allows users deliver crystal clear Internet voice chats and in-game commands wirelessly while listening to high-fidelity audio on their headset privately, without disturbing others. 


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