January 22, 2016

ViewSonic introduces PD0711 Pen Display for small retail and hotel businesses

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products introduces the ultimate PD0711 Pen Display, compact and beautifully designed for small retail and hotel businesses. Integrated with the Electromagnetic Resonance Pen (EMP) touch technology and the battery-free V pen, the PD0711 provides users intuitive signature experience directly on the display while featuring extensive signage capabilities. Its features are ideal for businesses to service a large volume of clients, by creating a powerfully advanced customer service ecosystem for all business verticals from the retail industry to hotelier industry alike.

Building upon its award-winning display heritage, ViewSonic’s Pen Display has proven its success from recently being adopted by several international 5 star rated hotel chains. This product boasts its seamless paperless work flow, cost efficiency, easy- deployment and environmental friendly solution, whether it’s used at the front desk or with the concierge. “E-signatures have become increasingly accepted and widely used within organizations, especially in service industries such as hotels. E-signatures are not only cost-effective, but can easily streamline checking processes. By delivering an efficient way to boost business workflow, internal filing, and customer service management, paperless e-signature deployment has become an inevitable trend,” said Bonny Cheng, General Manager of the Display Business Unit at ViewSonic.

The PD0711 features easy installation that allows user to connect to other devices via one cable, keeping service counters clean and neat without cable clutter and excessive machines.  The exclusive Electromagnetic Resonance Pen (EMP) touch technology provides battery-free V Pen, designed to improve customer satisfaction for businesses by aiming for the highest accuracy and responsiveness, This, in turn, will allow customers to feel more comfortable with greater level of security from biometric signatures. With a display accuracy of 200 point per second (PPS) and 5,080 lines per inch (LPI), customers will enjoy every detail precisely reproduced on the display as it is on paper. Featuring a high-sensitive touch recognition with 1024 pressure level, the V Pen replicates an 

authentic pen and paper interaction, and ensures up to 10 mm pen hovering capability, allowing customers to get the most natural and superior handwriting performance. The high performance can benefit businesses in smooth check-out processes, increasing customer satisfaction, and enriching user experience.

PD0711 offers an integrated USB port to easily connect to a PC or laptop for secure data management and easy storage. This solid, scratch-resistant display equipped with a specialized 7H glass treatment ensures a durable and reliable e-writing experience. ViewSonic’s PD0711 Pen Display represents the ideal product for a paperless and e-signature solution application in retail, banking, and hotelier industries.

ViewSonic launches a pen display line with diverse sizes (from 7-inch to 22-inch) and Windows® based pen tablet with the integration of EMP, and is continuing to offering users an eco-friendly, and low cost of total ownership (TCO) working environment, as well as an intuitive and comfortable digital handwriting experience in a wider range of scenario usage, from telecom, bank, hotel, to leasing companies.


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