February 17, 2016

GIGABYTE FORCE H7 and H5 Gaming Headsets

GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium hardware brand, today announced the availability of the FORCE H7 and H5, two high-end gaming headsets integrating superior comfort and acoustic performance to deliver rich, clear and premium sound that pushes immersive gaming experience to a new level.

FORCE H7 - True 5.1 Surround Sound
h7 H7
Featuring true 5.1 Surround Sound, the FORCE H7 boasts a total of 8 speaker drivers to bring out the finest audio quality available in today’s popular game titles for creating a true-to-life gaming environment. The gold-plated dual subwoofer drivers are added to the mix to allow gamers to get blown away by the rumble of gunfire and explosions. The embedded USB sound card ensures the surround sound is pure and interference-free, while the audio equalizer enables gamers to customize audio settings based on individual preferences.

FORCE H5 - Premium SRS Surround Sound

11260_srcH5 (2)

The FORCE H5 incorporates dual 50mm neodymium drivers with the SRS surround sound engine to present a vivid 360° sound field, allowing gamers to accurately identify the direction each sound is coming from. The speakers are acoustically inclined for a much enhanced audio perception with rich detail. The onboard USB sound card requires no software and lets gamers get straight into action with the easy plug-and –play connectivity.

Ultra-comfort Design

Both gaming headsets feature a fully adjustable, lightweight industrial design with metal headband and swiveling ear pads to accommodate all types of head shapes and sizes. The one-of-a-kind hexagonally-shaped ear cups completely enclose the ears as opposed to sitting on them which provide superior comfort, while allowing gamers to concentrate uninterruptedly from any outside noises. The memory foam ear cushion wrapped by protein leather adds extended comfort needed for wearing long hours over prolonged gaming sessions.

Access to Non-stop Gaming

The FORCE H7 and H5 come with a retractable microphone for crystal clear in-game communication with the fellow players. The mic boom can be easily stored when not in use. The touch control panel makes adjustment of the volume and microphone muting quick and easy without interfering the ongoing gameplay. When on the go or joining a LAN event, the gaming headsets can be folded and stored in the supplied carrying pouch/case for maximum portability.


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