April 25, 2016

Panasonic introduced its Blu-ray data Archiver

Panasonic has introduced its blu-ray data archiver – the first optical disc-based solution using proven technologies to extend the lifespan of stored data, improved compliance, and lower operating expenditure.

The Panasonic blu-ray data archiver’s large storage capacity caters to organizations that deal with high data volumes. Blu-ray archival storage is also a WORM (Write Once Read Many) medium, which makes it tamper proof and ideal for compliance.

•More energy efficient – Blu-ray archival systems require less power and run cooler.
•Lower per bit cost – Cheaper high-capacity storage that lasts longer, removing the need for costly data migration.
•Greater reliability – No physical wear on the storage medium means fewer failures, while still supporting best-in-class practices such as RAID 5, 6, and WORM.
•Longevity with a lifespan of more than 50 years – Eliminates wastage and landfill required to get rid of alternative storage mediums.

Plan B, a New Zealand-based provider of hosted infrastructure and business continuity services, has built the world’s first cloud-based archive-as-a-service technology on Panasonic’s blu-ray data archiver.

According to Ian Forrester, Managing Director, Plan B Ltd, their service makes blu-ray archival technology accessible to businesses of all sizes and allows them to securely access and manage their archive data in the cloud. Also, Plan B’s as-a-service model eliminates capital expenditure while providing easy access, lower costs, scalability and reliable data storage now and into the future.

Plan B’s Cloud Data Archive service, hosted on Panasonic’s blu-ray archival technology, is available directly from Plan B.


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