August 5, 2016

ViewSonic launched the VX76-SMHD and VX2778-SMHD series of multimedia displays

ViewSonic has launched the VX76-SMHD and VX2778-SMHD series of multimedia displays. Featuring slim bezel and sleek designs, these displays deliver an exceptional visual experience. Available in various sizes, the new VX series offer premium features, including native Full HD 1080p resolution, “frameless” bezel, ViewSonic’s SuperClear® IPS panel technology, and versatile input, all wrapped up in a truly stylish design.

Based on a design concept of triangles found in architecture and art all around the world, ViewSonic incorporated this elegant geometric design in the VX76 to give it a blend of classic and contemporary design. Just as triangles are found in famous architectures such as the Egyptian pyramids or the Louvre, ViewSonic brings this minimalist aesthetic to homes and offices, giving users a chance to differentiate themselves from the mainstream. Adhering to minimalist design principles and embracing the simple geometric form of the triangle, this series channels the beauty found in art and architecture. The distinctive design of this monitor includes an ultra slim 6.6mm panel, and a narrow 2mm bezel, making each VX76-SMHD display a stylish addition to any setting.

The ViewSonic® VX2776-SMHD, VX2476-SMHD and VX2276-SMHD are respectively 27”, 24” and 22” Full HD 1080p displays that have been designed for home entertainment or home office applications. With HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA inputs, VX76-SMHD displays can link to multiple video sources, offering flexibility between entertainment and PC-related work content. The VX2778-SMHD QHD monitor offer a 2560x1400 resolution with 80% more details than standard Full HD. It features HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort. The SuperClear image enhancement panel technology ensures superior colour performance and wide viewing angles from the IPS panel. Designed with dual integrated speakers, these monitors combine incredible screen performance with stereo sound for an immersive multimedia experience. In addition, the low input lag feature minimises the signal latency between the graphic card and the display for real time image display.

The VX76-SMHD and VX2778-SMHD displays also provide greater viewing comfort with features which help reduce eye fatigue, such as Flicker-Free Technology and a Blue Light Filter. Flicker-Free Technology reduces screen flickering to a minimum at all brightness levels, while Blue Light Filter allows users to dim the blue light levels to reduce potential eye strain. The displays also features exclusive ViewMode™ settings that deliver six preset user options, including “text”, “game”, “movie”, “web” ,“mac” and “mono.” for the best viewing experience.


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