November 17, 2016

Pioneer Unveiled New Affordable Car Audio Receivers

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre (Pioneer), a leading car audio specialist, today unveiled its most affordable car audio receivers for its 2017 lineup -- the 2-DIN AVH-295BT and AVH-195DVD. Incorporating a USB, CD and DVD player in addition to various enhancements, these multimedia powerhouses offer an amazing entertainment value for today's driver.

"With mobile devices and digital media becoming ubiquitous, we truly believe in giving our customers the best user experience available today. That is why we have refined these 2017 models to reflect changing market needs and trends," said Mr. Takao Chiba, Deputy General Manager of Business Planning and Marketing Division, Sales & Marketing Group, Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre.

The new Pioneer receivers pack the following new features:

The AVH-295BT with Bluetooth connectivity now supports AVRCP version 1.5 function. By wirelessly connecting a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to the AVH-295BT, users will be able to browse their personal music library and control music playback directly utilising the head unit -- enabling them to safely stow away their phones without interrupting music flow and enjoyment.

A common feature is a large and crisp 6.2-inch clear type touch panel, combining a wide-viewing angle that enhances visibility with superb screen sensitivity. This ensures optimal picture quality for watching DVD movies and video clips, as well as a truly responsive user interface (UI).

The background of the UI can now be customised through a set of preloaded wallpapers, allowing users to add a personal touch to the responsive and powerful yet intuitive graphical interface.

With an integrated learning function, users can assign selected functions of the receiver to different buttons on the Pioneer steering wheel remote control[1], significantly improving overall safety and convenience for the driver.

The Pioneer AVH-295BT and AVH-195DVD are now available at all Pioneer authorised dealers in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. They will also be launched soon in Malaysia and Vietnam. Please check with your local Pioneer office for more information.


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