January 11, 2017

KINGMAX AirQ Check TVOC Air Quality Monitor Device has won the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award

KINGMAX AirQ Check TVOC Air Quality Monitor Device has won the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award again, after the Golden Pin Design Award. Over the years, KINGMAX has garnered 24 Taiwan Excellence Awards for innovative products in recognition of its product development, quality, marketing, and design. After a rigorous review process, KINGMAX’s recently launched smart AirQ Check won 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award again, as the one of most integrated and innovative product in a field of 1188 entries, and as a proud representative of Taiwan’s industry.

To make people’s lives more convenient, KINGMAX observes people's living needs, and spent great efforts to innovate, transform, research, develop, test, and ultimately launch the AirQ Check TVOC Air Quality Monitor Device, its first smart mobile health device. Receiving such a confirmation as strong as the Taiwan Excellence Award for its first foray in a new field has boosted the team morale of everyone at KINGMAX. In future, KINGMAX will continue developing its capabilities and portfolio for Smart Living, to keep Taiwan shining on the international stage to prove that “It’s very well made in Taiwan!”

This year's award-winning AirQ Check TVOC Air Quality Monitor Device is designed for everyone. Its main feature is the detection of the concentration of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). Within 30 seconds, it can easily detect any gas-emitting products in your environment. More discerning than the human nose, AirQ Check identifies and numerically presents the concentration of hazardous gases from products which you may then decide to replace. In addition, at only 10.5 grams, the AirQ Check is light and easy to carry. It doesn’t need charging, it needs to be plugged in to play. Through the exclusive App you can now know gas concentrations around you anytime anywhere, to easily protect yourself and enjoy a healthy natural life! Next, KINGMAX will launch its new Alcohol Check device(smart breathalyzer) with a built-in gas sensor and powerful firmware that allows you to check the concentration of alcohol in your body and avoid drinking too much!

To celebrate the Taiwan Excellence Award for the AirQ Check, KINGMAX will hold a Lucky Draw in January. Please keep an eye on KINGMAX’s Facebook fan page, where you can stay informed of our latest news, and where you may have a chance to take home a wonderful gift! AirQ Check is now available in many countries.


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