January 25, 2017

Samsung’s Latest Mobile Accessories Introduce New Ways to Enjoy Music and Memories

Samsung Electronics unveiled another round of memorable innovations at CES 2017, including dynamic mobile accessories designed in the same ‘fun-loving’ spirit that the tech show’s host city is famous for. Both the Level Box Slim Bluetooth speaker and Image Stamp mobile printer add new levels of convenience and fun to users’ smartphone interactions, making it easier to enjoy a favorite song, moment or memory with those they care about.

Level Box Slim: A New ‘Level’ of Speaker
The latest addition to Samsung’s ‘Level’ Bluetooth speaker line, the Level Box Slim features a compact design that provides powerful audio.

The Level Box Slim was designed from top to bottom to deliver more convenience to users’ listening experience. Its highly portable size (148.4 x 79 x 25.1mm, 236g) allows it to be held comfortably in one hand and makes it equally suitable for use indoors and outside. The handy stand integrated into the speaker’s back allows users to prop it up wherever they please, while IPX7 water resistance means it’s built to stand up to rain, snow and morning showers.

In addition to its 8W speaker, which delivers balanced audio in and outdoors, the Level Box Slim also features a microphone that allows users to field voice and conference calls without reaching for their smartphone. The microphone’s integrated noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technologies facilitate crisp and clear communication anywhere.

Furthermore, the speaker’s 2600mAh battery provides up to 30 hours of music playback and also functions as a portable charger, allowing users to top up their smartphone or tablet while enjoying their favorite tunes. Users may check the status of their speaker’s battery, and easily adjust its volume settings, via the Samsung Level app.

Image Stamp: A Printer for Your Pocket 
Samsung’s Image Stamp mobile printer prints users’ favorite photos whenever they please, allowing them to instantly capture special moments in their lives, such as vacations, parties with friends and family gatherings.

Printing is easy; users simply select a photo via the Image Stamp app and place their smartphone on top of the device, which instantly prints via NFC and Wi-Fi. The printer’s streamlined controls, elegant, book-recalling design and pocket-friendly proportions make it a likewise seamless addition to users’ daily routines.

Unlike other mobile printers, whose 3:2 print ratio generally requires image cropping, Image Stamp’s 16:9 ratio ensures that photos are printed exactly as they’re presented on a user’s screen to a size of 98x56mm in 336 dpi resolution, preserving the snapshots and the memories within them in their entirety.

Users also have the option to print QR codes with their photos that link those who scan them to relevant information, such as when the photo was taken. In addition to photos, Image Stamp may also be used to print customized bookmarks and business cards. Furthermore, printing with sticker paper allows users to create decorative stickers with their photos.

Image Stamp will be available in select markets beginning in early 2017, and in sky blue and pink variations.


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