May 5, 2017

E-BLUE Officially Landed Malaysia Shaking Up the E-Sports Market

2017 May remarks a milestone to E-BLUE, as the gaming gear giant officially landed Malaysia, this news excited the gamers and E-Sports partners as everyone have been longing for the befall of E-BLUE.

The brand brings the most fascinating gaming gears to Malaysia and presented it at the launch ceremony today, over hundreds of E-Sports partners and media celebrated this important moment and previewed its gaming collection, also sneaking peek the hottest E-BLUE E-Sport Stadium at its headquarter at Selangor. All guests expressed their astonishment when seeing the whole gaming concept of E-BLUE and could not wait to discuss the collaboration with E-BLUE.

Mr. Franco Feng, General Manager of E-BLUE China shared the brand’s ambition in the E-Sports industry, “E-BLUE never ceases our innovative spirit, we are determined to create the BEST gaming products and environment. Yes, our core business is gaming, but actually we think beyond that, we are creating a new economy, community that embraces all E-Sports stakeholders. We have made a remarkable success in China, our products are always top rated and highly welcomed by gamers. The gears you see today are our hero products. We feel so proud to bring it to Malaysia to equip the gamers here with the best gaming performance.

Another ground-breaking concept is E-BLUE E-Sport Stadium which is our flagship project launched since 2015. Malaysia E-Sport market has infinite potential, thus we are ambitious to bring the concept over here to transform traditional cyber café business into high-standard E-Sports stadium to uplift gamers’ experience. And the good news is, everyone can own their stadium too! We provide investors the most cutting-edges advantages – low capital investment, fast return, speedy installation and global shared resources that you cannot find elsewhere. As of today, we have opened over 300 stadiums in US, Asia, Europe and Middle East. We look forward to seeing the explosion in Malaysia too.”

E-BLUE products are strategically marketed in Malaysia now, it is available at, Metro Jaya and other IT chains. Thanking to our sole agent Hot Gadgets Distribution Sdn. Bhd, the marketing and distribution expert of high-end gadgets, now who taps into the E-Sports field. “Hot Gadgets always looks for the top brand to collaborate. When we decide to expand into the E-Sports business, E-BLUE was the first comes to our mind, and it is certainly our first priority because there is no other brand could have such a comprehensive product range, excellent quality and really knows gaming so well. It’s our thrill to bring E-BLUE to Malaysia, we see a very promising future working with E-BLUE,” said by the Sales Director of Hot Gadgets Distrbution Sdn Bhd, Mr. YC Ng.

Talking about the product, it has been heard most the “Wow” when guests saw the world’s first hybrid tower monitor, SCION 32 – a revolutionary all-in-one gaming PC that unifies the mainframe computer with 32” HD monitor (144Hz). Users can customize their favorite PC components. SCION-32 bears the unbeatable outlook and meticulous details, supporting Micro -ATX and Mini-ATX with excellent heat dissipation. It advances any gaming station and cyber cafe set up and let everyone custom build their unique PC.

The next eyeball attraction is surely the gaming furniture collection. E-BLUE carries a wide range of gaming chairs, table and sofa. Guests enjoyed much sitting on Auroza XI gaming chair, which is rated by PC Gamer as “the BEST and most comfortable gaming chair”. It is also the first gaming chair that illuminates with built in sensor. Ergonomically designed with high quality filament leather, this chair offers the maximum comfort during long battle. Other chair options and colors are also available depends on the user’s needs.

How can a professional station miss a gaming desk? E-BLUE gaming desk glows in the darkness with different lighting and breathing modes. This desk is also ergonomically designed that fits the gaming angle.

Renowned for its gears, E-BLUE carries a vastly diversified series, from entry level to tournament and MMO/MOBA grades, all up to professional standard with superior quality. Every product is an outcome of creativity, innovation, inspired craftsmanship, meticulous details, passion and tremendous R&D effort. We at E-BLUE do not want something ordinary, we are keen on breaking the boundary so that all of our products always exceed users’ expectation.

When guests proceeded to our E-Sport Stadium, we saw cameras keep flashing as everyone was taking the snaps of this hottest stadium in town. The cyber design brings you into a boundless world where future turns into reality.

Ten professional gamers joined the show match and made the whole stadium exhilarating, full of cheers and enjoyment. Yes, this is the exact miniature of the real stadium, there are always crowds of gamers gather in our stadium for battle and training, it is surely the best platform for enjoyment and advance gaming performance, while improving the overall cyber café business models. Subsequently, we will be chaining up local with overseas stadiums for more tournaments.

Change the way you game – is the spirit of E-BLUE, it is determined to creating opportunities and worthy value to all the stakeholders in the eSports industry, it keeps its promises to uplift the whole industry and thrive together. Today, we showed to the world our conviction, strength to be the trend-setter.  


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