September 22, 2017

Taiwan "TalenTech 2017" Exhibited STEAM Strength to Realize Future Education Dreams

In the trend of STEAM education and computational thinking, Digital Education Institute (DEI) of Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan (III) held the event of “TalenTech 2017” from September 10th to 12th with the support of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs. This event includes the international conferences, exhibition and workshops to discuss the innovative talent cultivation models in light of the most important assets in this generation, talents.

Early this year, DEI of III held FuturE2D, the competition of innovative STEAM lesson plans, to introduce the successful model of the collaboration between learning and industry. Following the success of FuturE2D, the organizer, DEI, invited the smart education industry to participate in the FuturE2D Workshop during the event. Some of the local companies showcase their innovative and technical products which devoted into education, learning, and students entertainment. K&H showed how to combine Lego and Arduino to move the robotic arms; Quest Cloud utilized interactive digital materials and games to play the Room Escape Game. In addition, Mototuino’s smart fans, Hello Maker’s mini-lightsabers, XYZprinting’s 3D printing and Webduino’s IoT magic show revealed the vitality and comprehensiveness of the smart education industry in Taiwan.

FuturE2D Workshop has attracted the attention of domestic and international schools, education institutes, parents and students and their participation, like the teacher and students of Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School in Hong Kong. While the participants were learning in the workshops, overseas schools also joined the activities with the interactive real-time online broadcasting, like Hong Kong Baptist Rainbow Primary School, Hong Kong Buddhist to Chi Fat She Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School, Sam Min Independent Secondary School in Malaysia, Jakarta Taipei School and etc.

Dr. John Liao, the director of DEI of III expressed that the move of the new generations kept going and we could not sit and wait. In this feast of educational technology, III has invited the distinguished guests, like Mr. Kenn Ross of Minerva School at KGI from USA, Principal Okuhira of N High School from Japan, and Mr. Erwin Huang, CEO of WebOrganic from Hong Kong, to share their experiences of innovative education and their opinions about the trends.  Moreover, the event also witnessed the birth of FuturE2D Alliance, which has the participation of speakers, Mr. Gatot Pramono, the director from Ministry of Education and Culture Affairs of Indonesia, Ms. Dana Abu-Goura, the managing director of Islamic Cultural Society-Islamic Educational College, Principal Chu Tsz Wing, the representative from Hong Kong AiTLE Association of I.T. Leaders in Education, Mr. Joe Chen, the founder of Future School Alliance Limited, Mr. Jacky Yau, the director of the Robot Institute of Hong Kong, Ms. Ling Hung, the senior development manager of HKedCity, Mr. Albert Wong, the director from CTM Macao and etc.

The YouTube clips of International Smart Learning Conference, Innovative Operation for Education Conference and 21 workshops can be accessed to by clicking into the following link: For more information about the event, please go to the FB website (


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