January 29, 2018

Asia Genomics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to embark on longevity research

Throughout the ages, men have always been searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth and ways to extend life. Many have tried and failed. But good news is on the horizon, With advances in science, and a little help from the graphics processing unit (GPU), this pursuit is a step closer.

Asia Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company driven to transform healthcare through the power of molecular biology technologies, including genomics, in Asia. It focuses on implementing world-class genomic technologies with global accredited diagnostic laboratories to connect healthcare professionals with forefront, reliable and affordable genetic tests previously unavailable in Asia.

“We are currently using Lineage, an initiative under Asia Genomics, to create a tool for longevity research. What it does is to use artificial intelligence (AI) to harness the power of deep learning in our product. We can then track biological age and help prevent the high-risk diseases,” said Mariusz Kozlowski, Research Associate of Asia Genomics.

Fast and furious
The company is using NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU to create its multi-perception deep neural network model.

“We chose NVIDIA because we have a lot of data. It used to take days and weeks to create the models. Thanks to the GPU, we can now do it in a few hours. Its increased computational power definitely helps the medical arena,” said Kozlowski.

Asia Genomics is part of the NVIDIA Inception program, which aims to nurture dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionising industries with advances in AI and data science.

“What is perfect with NVIDIA is that all the conferences and meetings with startups give us more ideas. It is easier to expand our products to different areas and countries,” said Kozlowski.

With companies like Asia Genomics embarking on longevity research, it looks like life will get better and a little longer in the near future.


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