May 25, 2018

Transcend extra slim portable storage StoreJet 25C3N

Storage capacity these days is becoming one of the most important aspects of technology, with games bloating up to tens of gigabytes and 4K video content becoming more and more mainstream. This is why even with the advent of new, fast storage such as SSDs, the classic portable hard drive is still in huge demand. The StoreJet 25C3N from Transcend is an extra slim portable hard drive for the consumers to provide them with storage solutions.

The Transcend StoreJet 25C3N has a simple box with a plastic window that lets you see the hard drive itself. Inside its box, you’ll see pretty basic documentation and cable.

Transcend StoreJet 25C3N has 9.5mm aluminum unibody enclosure with beautiful chamfered edges. On its side, you’ll see the USB-Micro B connection and activity LED light on the left. The Transcend logo is located at the top left of the device. For connectivity, the 25C3N has USB 3.0 that can reach speed of up to 140MB/s.

Of course, one of the more important thinks about storage is not how good it looks, but how it performs. We put the StoreJet 25C3 through its paces by running a couple of benchmark apps to see how it fares. Here’s our test bench specifications:

ATTO Disk Benchmark – a renowned benchmarking tool for measuring file transfers for different sizes.

Crystal Disk Mark – a tool that specializes in sequential read and write speeds. Unit used is MB/s and determines how fast can the files be transferred into the drive.

Based on the results, the Transcend StoreJet 25C3N performed exactly what we expected. The hard drive didn’t show any signs of high temperature during benchmarks.

Transcend also bundles in a free download of their Elite data management software, which offers automated backup and restore, as well as file encryption and cloud sync. All this is to make sure your data is as secured as possible, while still being light enough to bring anywhere. Transcend also offers a three year warranty on these portable HDDs.


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