June 1, 2018

Gigabyte to present an array of high end computing solutions at Computex 2018

GABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a quality leader in motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, and server solutions is proud to announce its attendance at COMPUTEX 2018. As AI, 5G, Block Chain, IoT, innovation & startups, and gaming & VR becoming a widespread trend, GIGABYTE has brought an array of high end computing solutions and consumer experiences to indicate its readiness to upgrade into the next era of computer technology.

GIGABYTE’s Network & Communications Business Unit will showcase our six main product lines and their featured applications:

G-Series servers for artificial intelligence
H-Series hyper-converged servers for cloud computing
S-Series storage servers for big data
W-Series workstations for content creation and software development
R-Series general purpose servers for enterprise IT
RACKLUTION-OP products for hyper scaled data centers

To demonstrate the practical applications of our products, GIGABYTE has collaborated with local software platform providers to showcase an immediately deployable AI / data analysis hybrid cloud, demonstrating how customers can build their own private cloud to protect their data while connecting with public cloud services, and use inbuilt AI capabilities to use big data for real-time, on-site artificial intelligence learning and inference processing (AIoT).

With RGB illuminating a wall of motherboards, and a roomful of all the latest and coolest AORUS hardware and technology, GIGABYTE has put together a gaming corner with 3 different gaming setups exclusively for enthusiasts to experience:

A dazzling battlestation setup boasts a complete AORUS PC system synced by RGB Fusion featuring the latest B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI platform, the newly-introduced memory, and gaming peripherals built specifically for online competitive gaming.

For gamers constantly on the move, the Aero 14X laptop paired with the innovative eGPU solution, the GTX 1080 Gaming Box, offers both mobility and desktop performance at the same time.

Taking gaming experience to a whole new level, a triple-monitor racing simulator setup completes the gaming corner with an exclamation point on another complete AORUS gaming rig powered by a Z370 AORUS Gaming 7-OP platform.

AORUS has been introducing the best of the best laptops in its X series gaming laptops. Not only does the flagship X9 DT process the first Intel® Core™ i9 overclockable processor, but the series has also been upgraded to 144Hz high-refreshing gaming panel supported by G-Sync technology. Furthermore, AORUS gaming laptops are equipped with the Dolby Atmos® Gaming sound technology from iconic Dolby Laboratories by which gamers can immerse themselves in a more intense gaming experience.

As for the ultra-slim performance laptop, AERO, has always targeted professional field such as 3D model rendering or media editing. The need of performance for content creation is now getting keener due to the rise of “We Media” era. The critically acclaimed series has seen the latest iteration this year in AERO 15X. With the latest Intel® 6-core processor and enthusiastic-grade NVIDIA® graphic, the original slim and light, a whopping 94Wh battery, and is the world’s first full HD 144Hz IPS Panel with thin bezel design, the new AERO 15X the best portable device for professionals who seek for performance and entertainment system in disguise.

Challenging the essence of how we define a desktop PC, GIGABYTE has developed an ultra-compact PC with a high quality chassis design. Ideal for a broad range of computing applications at home or in the office, the BRIX expounds sheer simplicity and convenience.


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