August 3, 2019

VAIO Redefines Business Laptops with Its Lightweight and Powerful VAIO® SX12 in a 12.5-inch screen format

VAIO has released a new standard in business laptops named the VAIO® SX12. Equipped with 12.5-inch Full HD screen, the SX12 is the smallest VAIO clamshell laptop that includes a full-pitch keyboard.

VAIO Redefines Business Laptops with Its Lightweight and Powerful VAIO® SX12 in a 12.5-inch screen format.

With a body weighing in at 1.99 lbs., a 12.5-inch display for easy viewing and a full-pitch keyboard equivalent to a typical desktop PC, the VAIO SX12 eliminates compromises and redefines the balance between productivity and mobility as the new standard for compact business laptops.

Since its beginnings, VAIO has consistently offered solutions that increase mobile workforce productivity. Reinventing this standard with the introduction of the VAIO® SX14 in March 2019. With the addition of the new VAIO SX12, the VAIO lineup has become more robust, and further supports truly mobile businesspeople. Those who are challenged by diverse ways of working, beyond the constraints of location and time.

The best balance, redefining the minimum form factor of a full performance business laptop
The commitment to small size, light weight and durability are nonnegotiable in a business laptop. The most important factors in a business laptop are its size, weight and durability so that it won't become a burden as you carry it around with you all day long. The VAIO SX12 fits comfortably into a smaller bag for women or men. It has a lightweight body of about 1.99 lbs. yet provides the same level of performance as conventional business laptop models.

A full-size keyboard with approximately 0.75-inch key pitch
Equipped with a full-size keyboard with a key pitch of about 0.75-inches, which is the same size as a typical desktop PC, the SX12 enables comfortable keyboard operation in a compact form factor. Typing sound has been minimized and backlight is built in, enabling the SX12 to be used anywhere where you do not want to cause a disturbance.

A Narrow bezel 12.5-inch liquid crystal display
The SX12 is equipped with a 12.5-inch Full HD display. By reducing the bezel, the display area was expanded by about 16% as compared to the VAIO S®11, which has approximately the same size footprint. An anti-glare coating processing is also applied to reduce the screen reflection.

Even will a full-pitch keyboard, there are no compromises on the ports 
Usually when you add something new, you need to take something away. The SX12 refuses to accept this compromise. Even though the keyboard has been enlarged to full-pitch size, the SX12 includes a 4K output compatible HDMI terminal, VGA terminal (analog RGB output terminal) , a wired LAN terminal, and a USB Type-C™, a multi-interface terminal.

*The USB Type-C and analog external display output terminals cannot be used simultaneously as external monitor output. When connected simultaneously, the output to the external monitor connected to USB Type-C will be prioritized.

USB Type-C Power Delivery or the VAIO 5V Assist Charging
Ensuring a charging environment is essential for mobile productivity. In addition to the bundled AC adapter which supports rapid charging of 80% in 60 minutes, the USB Type-C supports Power Delivery and a VAIO exclusive called 5V Assist Charging. This enables the use of a small charger like a smartphone, mobile battery pack or a car charging port that provides 5V power to charge the SX12 through the USB Type-C port.


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