October 10, 2019

Expand Your Creative Horizons With The The New Canon EOS M200

Canon Marketing Malaysia today announced the latest addition to the EOS mirrorless interchangeable lens camera line-up: the Canon EOS M200. A compact and intuitive camera, the Canon EOS M200 is perfect for those looking to up their game from smartphone photography to higher quality images and videos. The camera is also ideal for users wanting higher quality selfie stills and videos or enthusiasts who wish to embark on their photography journey.

“The social media platform has allowed everyone to share photos and videos anytime, anywhere. In an age of visual storytelling, high-quality images and videos are more likely to spread and be seen by many. The Canon EOS M200 is designed for users to create engaging content that vividly connects to their audience and share immersive experience easily instantaneously on the go.” said Albert Mah, Head of Imaging Consumer Products (ICP) of Canon Marketing Malaysia.

Stills and videos that stand out
At the heart of the Canon EOS M200 is a 24.1megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, which is proprietary to Canon, has been improved and the number of AF zones available for automatic selection has expanded to a maximum of 143 points, with approximately 88% horizontal coverage and approximately 100% vertical coverage (depending on compatible lenses). This makes it possible for the Canon EOS M200 to achieve high-speed AF with fast live view shooting, effortlessly enabling users to nail high-quality images.

Being an interchangeable lens camera, users have the flexibility of selecting different EF-M lenses for various purposes, be it for macro, portrait, wide angle or telephoto shots. The camera can also be adapted to use Canon’s existing line-up of EF/EF-S lenses, which opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Eye detection AF is also supported in Servo AF and Movie AF modes, which can automatically focus on the eyes of a person’s face after initial detection. Even when shooting subjects that are constantly on the move, users can capture natural expressions and portraits because the subject’s eyes are always in focus.

With the new DIGIC 8 image processor, ISO capabilities have been enhanced on the Canon EOS M200 and a maximum ISO speed of ISO 25600 (expandable to ISO 51200) is achievable for still images. This makes capturing clear images in dark locations possible. The Canon EOS M200 is also capable of shooting 4K videos at a smooth 24p and 25p, with high image clarity and blurred background expression.

Stylish design and useful features
Designed to be slim and lightweight, the Canon EOS M200 body weighs approximately 299g and can easily fit into bags. With two colours to choose from, the black Canon EOS M200 comes in a premium matte finish whereas the white Canon EOS M200 is designed with a textured grip and a sleek silver ascend on the top body. Crafted to take on an ergonomic shape and designed to be intuitive to operate, the Canon EOS M200 sports an intuitive three mode dial on the top, with button layout positioned around the shutter button.

The camera also comes with the Creative Assist function, where users can easily adjust the desired look of photos directly in-camera with intuitive words such as “brightness” and “background blur” without having prior knowledge of shutter speed, aperture or white balance. Additionally, a variety of in-camera creative filters allows users to add effects to their photos - such as grainy film, HDR oil painting, watercolour and fish-eye effects.

Equipped with a silent shooting mode, users of the Canon EOS M200 can shoot still images in scenarios such as presentations, music recitals and art museums without worrying about the shutter sound. The LCD screen of the camera tilts 180 degrees with a dedicated self-portrait mode. With most social content being consumed on mobile, content with vertical orientation is key and Canon EOS M200 fulfils that criteria with the ability to record movies that would automatically playback in vertical position on mobile devices. Movies can also be easily recorded with the record button displayed on the LCD.

What’s more, the visual guide, which is particularly useful for those who are new to photography, is built into the Canon EOS M200’s user interface. This includes a shooting mode guide, a menu display with item descriptions, along with hints and tips to understand technical terms. There is also the optional Tripod Grip accessory HG100-TBR that can also double up as a table tripod and for a steadier handheld recording, which will come in handy for content creators who take selfie shots or videos.

Smartphone connectivity
In addition to Wi-Fi, the Canon EOS M200 supports Bluetooth connection as a way to connect to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Once the initial pairing setting is complete, the Canon EOS M200 and the corresponding smart device will automatically connect via Bluetooth. After pairing and selecting a function within the app, the camera will automatically be connected with the appropriate connection method.

Users can transfer images via Wi-Fi connection from the Canon EOS M200 to a smart device in two ways: the conventional method of transferring only selected images or send images to the smart device simultaneously while shooting. The latter will be especially useful for those who want to manage captured images collectively with the camera roll on the smart device.


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