November 30, 2019

‘One Canon One Tree’ Extends Canon’s Efforts to Plough Back Into The Community

For the fourth consecutive year, Canon Marketing Malaysia has teamed up with Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to expand on its efforts to create a greener environment through its ‘One Canon One Tree’ programme.

The MBSA’s ‘Shah Alam Trees for Life 2019’ partners with private companies to drive its goal of making Shah Alam a greener city with Low Carbon City status by 2030 by developing a garden city for the community. Canon’s role in this initiative is through its ‘One Canon One Tree’ programme, a tree-planting exercise in line with its wider sustainability efforts aimed at the communities in which it operates.

Canon continues to work with MBSA as they share common goals, namely to reduce our carbon footprint while raising awareness and encouraging our community to take an interest in conserving the environment.

This year, ‘One Canon One Tree’ involved Canon employees planting over 2,000 trees and shrubs in the vicinity of Taman Tasik Shah Alam, Seksyen 14. This complements more than 6,000 over trees Canon had planted over the last three years in the Shah Alam neighborhoods of Setia Alam, Bukit Jelutong, and Kawasan Hijau Seksyen 4.

According to Andrew Koh, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, the ‘One Canon One Tree’ programme is one of the many ways Canon contributes responsibly towards its consumers and the community at large.

“We are delighted to partner with MBSA once again in this long-term greening initiative as we work towards nurturing the environment. Sustainability is a significant part of everything Canon does, and we believe that all our efforts should benefit future generations,” he said.

Canon’s involvement is in line with its Kyosei philosophy which emphasizes balancing the company’s responsibilities towards the community and environment with its business interests by coming together and working towards the common good. Apart from producing technological advanced and high-quality imaging products, Canon is also invested in ensuring its innovations are environmentally-friendly.  

“Our actions today are predicated on Kyosei and we are confident we can do our small part to impact the future. We also hope to inspire everyone around us to work together for this common cause, to make our surroundings a greener place to live in, not just for ourselves, but for the coming generations,” Koh said.

The Mayor of Shah Alam, Dato’ Haji Haris Bin Kasim, and council members of MBSA were present to show their support. Canon, represented by Mr. Andrew Koh of Canon Marketing Malaysia, Mr. Chris Martin, President & CEO of Canon MailCom Malaysia, and Mr. Takeshi Saotome, Managing Director of Canon Opto Malaysia, presented a cheque for RM25,000 to MBSA to seal their commitment to the ‘Shah Alam Trees for Life 2019’.

Over 300 participants comprising employees and families of the Canon group of companies, namely Canon Marketing, Canon Opto and Canon MailCom, worked alongside volunteers and MBSA employees to improve the landscape at Taman Tasik Shah Alam Seksyen 14.

The trees and shrubs planted will help the surrounding eco-system by attracting and providing a conducive habitat for a host of birds and insect species. These carefully selected plants made up of flowering shrubs such as Bonzai Kesinai, Pudding, Lady Diana, Canna hybrid red and orange, will also beautify and brighten up the area besides providing shade for leisure and recreational activities.


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