January 23, 2020


GIGABYTE announced AORUS RAID SSD 2TB AIC Expansion Card, a solution for all the users who require supremely high transfer speeds or require data redundancy too.

The unit contains a Phison E12 RAID controller and 4x512GB NVMe M.2 SSDs which are able to deliver a maximum of 6.3GB/s sequential read and 6.0GB/s sequential write speed which outperforms traditional SSDs around 1.8 times faster.

Sporting a single blower design with a dual thermal pad setup, it has an active cooling design through its large internal cooling fins with the built-in M.2 SSDs having heatsinks to dissipate heat efficiently. 9 temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperatures through AORUS’s Storage Manager and fan speeds can be adjusted as well.

The highlighted feature of this card is the support for OS Installation that enables users to enjoy the rated transfer speeds immediately. Not only that, configuration from RAID 0 to RAID 1 or RAID 10 helps users to achieve the best balance between performance and data redundancy.

Details and specifications kindly visit the GIGABYTE Page. Currently, there is no news regarding pricing and availability for the Malaysian market. We will update this post when stocks are available.


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