February 7, 2020

GIGABYTE Launches DESIGNARE DDR4 Memory for content creators

Gigabyte launched the DESIGNARE Series DDR4 3200MHz 64GB memory kit. With its innovative motherboard line, the DESIGNARE label has become synonymous with efficient content creation and this newly launched memory kit advances the brand to new heights with its 32GB capacity per DIMM, professional look and high density heatsinks. The ultra-high capacity per DIMM facilitates video editing and 3D modeling on projects with higher memory requirements and ensures that content creators will not be limited by insufficient memory capacity on their RAM sticks. With an aluminum heatsink design that keeps performance high and temperatures low, the new memory kit is a welcome addition to the DESIGNARE lineup and an indispensable asset for building a powerful content creation rig.

Performance oriented platforms generally fulfill the needs and requirements for high-end gaming but the hardware requirements for efficient content creation is even more demanding. Content creators require high-end processors, RAM, graphics cards, and storage devices to get their work done as efficiently but low RAM capacity limits the efficiency of programs that have higher memory requirements, imposing a bottleneck on overall performance. Although AMD and Intel have added support for single DIMM 32GB DDR4 memory, the market is lacking when it comes to high capacity memory kits, limiting potential performance and system stability for content creators.

GIGABYTE recognized this lack of high-capacity DIMMs on the market so its R&D put in the resources to develop a 64GB high-capacity DDR4 memory kit with 32GB per DIMM at 3200MHz. The new memory kit offers the best balance between performance, support, and pricing in the market. With the 4DIMM configuration of the Intel® Z390 or AMD X570 platforms, both platforms can support up to 128GB memory capacity. The 8DIMM configuration of the Intel® X299 and AMD TRX40 enables them to support up to 256GB memory, doubling the DDR4 memory capacity of standard consumer platforms! In addition, the DESIGNARE Series DDR4 3200MHz 64GB memory kit has passed both the Intel and AMD certification and offers the best support. In terms of style, the new memory kit features silver and white aluminum heatsinks without the RGB, which allows it to distinguish itself from the AORUS memory lineup while staying true to the GIGABYTE DESIGNARE design style with its clean, uniform, and professional look.

“Content creators often utilize applications that have higher memory requirements so GIGABYTE DESIGNARE DDR4 3200MHz 64GB Memory Kit offers users 256GB memory capacity to work with which addresses those demands,” said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Product Development Division. “GIGABYTE DESIGNARE Series DDR4 Memory Kit stays true to the DESIGNARE brand and builds on the success of AORUS memory products. Having undergone a complete development process and rigorously tested, this product offers content creators the best tools to build the most high quality content creation platform!”

GIGABYTE DESIGNARE Series DDR4 3200MHz 64GB Memory Kit has been produced and tested under the GIGABYTE Ultra Durable standard to ensure its efficiency and stability is ideal for content creation. Products have been released to the product.


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