March 5, 2020

FSP launch the semi-open dual system T-WINGS chassis

FSP recently announced that they are officially joining the 2-in-1 PC chassis market with the latest T-WINGS series chassis that is capable of housing 2 separate systems within a single casing.

The T-wings chassis was earlier introduce this year during CES 2020, the FSP chassis strikes the heart of enthusiasts and gamers by sporting a streamlined, sleek yet polygonal design to bring out the gamer flavor as existing dual system casings are mostly just enormous rectangles and considerably heavy. Mainly targeting production users who work on separate devices at once, it aims to improve the ease of installing and operating both systems by providing a straightforward route for cable management, therefore, saving space and resources.

T-WINGS features two compartments where PC systems can be built inside, the main compartment includes support for motherboards up to E-ATX format, while the secondary compartment allows support for Mini-ITX based systems to be installed inside. This kind of chassis is ideally targeted at users that need dual systems such as content creators while reducing space for a more clutter-free environment.

The stylish appearance of the FSP T-WINGS chassis features a semi-open design with a unique wing shape exterior, black anodised coating with red or gold accents and an RGB lighting strip running through the centre of the top panel. This innovative design should allow enthusiasts PC builders to create visually stunning custom PC systems inside.

FSP has built the T-WINGS chassis using high quality and strong aluminium with 4mm tempered glass panels to protect internal system components, while large ventilation gaps provide ample heat dissipation and airflow to keep the system running at an optimum temperature. T-WINGS also includes support for dual liquid cooling systems and dual power supply installations with separate PSU enclosures for each system. The chassis has space for graphics cards to be mounted vertically and horizontally, as well as room for up to five storage drives in total. I/O connectivity on the front panel includes a single USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports and 3.5mm audio jacks for connecting headphones and a microphone. Running along the central spine of the T-WINGS chassis is a 40mm gap for cable management that offers a neat and tidy area to hide away unsightly cables.

The T-WINGS CMT710 does not come cheap though. Priced at $499USD, it does seem to live up to that price considering some of the more user-friendly designs alongside its build quality of aluminum and tempered glass.


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