April 6, 2021

Canon introduced PowerShot ZOOM pocket-sized camera for live events and wildlife watching

Canon has announced the launch of the PowerShot ZOOM, a pocket-sized digital monocular camera designed for those who want to get closer for activities such as sports, live performances or wildlife watching. The PowerShot ZOOM’s light and compact design makes it useful in a wide variety of situations, while its ability to capture photos and videos ensures you get to keep memories of all the sights you come across in your day out.

With the PowerShot ZOOM’s ability to instantly switch between 100mm, 400mm and 800mm focal lengths respectively, users will never miss an opportunity to get closer to the action regardless of whether they are attending a football match, a concert or out birdwatching. Being only slightly bigger than an average power bank, at 103.2mm in length and weighing approximately 145g, users will find it extremely portable.

“The PowerShot ZOOM is designed to be lightweight and portable, with ease of storage in mind. Small but powerful, it is equipped with autofocus and image stabilisation which result in a clearer view. Photos and videos are sharp on this pocket-sized device with optical zoom and image stabilisation, and users can easily share these moments with others on social media,” said Andrew Koh, President and CEO of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Simple, Fun and Easy to Use

Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, the PowerShot ZOOM sports a telescopic design and comes with autofocus and image stabilisation, which provides a comfortable viewing experience during prolonged use. Regardless of whether users are out birdwatching or catching a soccer match, toggling between 100mm, 400mm and 800mm with the click of a button, they can be sure to never lose sight of the action. They can also capture those fleeting moments in the form of 12-megapixels still images or Full HD videos. Capable of shooting up to 10 frames per second for stills, the PowerShot ZOOM can easily capture shots of players running across the basketball court or a flock of birds flying across the treetops.

A telephoto zoom lens coupled with an interchangeable lens camera can be a hefty combination to carry around on a trip, and the PowerShot ZOOM provides users with that extra reach without the additional bulk. They also get to immerse themselves in beautiful scenery with the 0.39-inch electronic viewfinder that has a resolution of 2.36 million dots at 59.94FPS, which is similar to the viewfinders found in premium full-frame mirrorless cameras such as the EOS RP. With this, users get a crisp image with much more detail when using the viewfinder.

Designed to be used on the go, the PowerShot ZOOM can be charged or powered via the supplied Type-C to Type-C interface cable with a compatible charger or power bank (sold separately). Users can also opt for the Canon USB Power Adapter PD-E1 (sold separately) as well. A full battery charge provides approximately 60 minutes of movie record time, 150 still shots and a live viewing time of 70 minutes. The PowerShot ZOOM uses a microSD card as storage media.

Seamless Connectivity with Smartphones for Sharing on the Go

For easy sharing on various social media platforms, images recorded on the PowerShot ZOOM can be transferred to a smartphone via Canon’s Camera Connect app wirelessly or via wired USB. With the Camera Connect app, users can perform remote shooting and share the images being viewed in real time, on a smartphone with family and friends.

When the PowerShot ZOOM is connected to a smartphone via a wired USB cable, it is recognized as a USB mass storage device, and images can be imported into the smartphone.


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