September 1, 2021

Meetboard™ 4K Interactive Display is the New Generation of Meetings


Meet Meetboard™

Built for collaborative meeting rooms, Meetboard, the IFP-Series of 4K interactive display, has been unveiled by AG Neovo. Available in three sizes (65”, 75” and 86”) from huddle spaces to conference rooms, Meetboard eliminates the need for projectors and whiteboards without installing additional software—that means meetings can be made easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Thanks to wireless mirroring technology, even the physical space of the meeting room will be free of clutter and distraction. With the digital whiteboard, wireless presentation, video conferencing, and simple integration capabilities, Meetboard is ready to meet when you are.

The Meetboard Whiteboard App

Meetings are about brainstorming ideas and getting things done. That is where the Meetboard app comes in. The app is user-friendly interactive whiteboard software designed for interactive meetings and group discussions. On the intuitive interface, participants can insert images and draw on the screen with two styluses simultaneously in two colours. Participants can instantly save and share the meeting files over email, QR Code, or cloud drive when the meeting is done.

Wireless Presentation

Since collaboration requires meeting members to be on the same page, connections are essential. AG Neovo Meetboard supports Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring. This functionality helps you to wirelessly present the multimedia content with ease from phones, tablets, notebook devices. You or your guests invited to the meeting do not need to install any software to do the wireless presentation nor pass an external wireless dongle to the next presenter, given the role that mobile devices play in bringing interconnectivity to meeting spaces.

Intuitive Manipulation and Video Conferencing

Meetboard’s 20-point touch capability supports multiple participants drawing and annotating using styluses or fingers, making mind-mapping or brainstorming as intuitive as using a whiteboard. Meetboard also supports one USB cable hassle-free installation with most mainstream video conference cameras. With the Android open-source platform, you may install your preferred meeting apps, like Zoom. You can host a remote meeting while easily sharing your annotation or presentation files from individual devices and collaborating on all ideas without the need for a PC. Overall, Meetboard provides an all-in-one collaborative solution for business.

AG Neovo Meetboard introduces users to the new generation of meetings,” says Product Manager, Kaien Yang, noting its sheer ease of use: “Meetings can get up and going with minimal setup; and ideas can be made bright and crisp on the 4K display. Sharing these ideas, notes, or files is as easy as scanning a QR Code, sending an email, or uploading to the cloud.”

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