March 23, 2022

Education Metaverse Innovation Showcase at Smart City Summit & Expo

METAEDU smart education exhibition area is happening now at Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo from March 22 to 25, 2022. The ninth session will be connected with contemporary hot topics such as digital transformation, metaverse, NFT and sustainable development. More than 60 Taiwanese smart education industry software and hardware manufacturers have been assembled for online and offline joint exhibitions.

META stands for transcendence, symbolizing multiple changes; EDU is the abbreviation of education, METAEDU stands for future education, and will use a variety of digital hybrid technologies and application services to build a multi-level virtual reality integration world, and this exhibition area is also in this spirit. Design. The exhibition area will arrange 8 live shows of various and vivid digital learning courses in 4 days. The content of the programs is provided by Taiwan Bar, VIA Electronics, Business Thinking Institute, Jiqu Technology, Hengzhen Technology, Small Fashion Workshop and Tokes, etc.; Jieda, Shengyuan, and Xinda provide large-screen TVs, standard Zhiyuan 360 cameras and Qiqin Technology’s live recording and broadcasting system support full-time live broadcast needs, and Yuanzhan Technology provides focusing cameras and physical projectors as part of the course. The application of NFT technology, and the mission breakthrough APP is jointly built by the Digital Education Research Institute of the Information Policy Association and FIO.

It is particularly worth mentioning that "Special Multi-Party Interactive Live Streaming Time" at 2:00 pm on March 23 (Wednesday), the team of Professor Weng Yang Siqian of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology was arranged to bring out sustainable issues with SDGs and use Taiwan EdTech 50 high-quality manufacturer services Yuan Yingyue read the content of Yin Yue, Manhua Technology and codingbar to lead Kenyan teachers and students to learn computational thinking. Through this multi-party cooperation and long-distance live interactive teacher training method, the energy of Taiwan's smart learning industry is brought to the classrooms of university teachers and students in Kenya, Africa, and the innovative Taiwan smart learning industry integration output model is actually exhibited.

In addition, the 108 syllabus and SDGs are used as knowledge and skill maps, and the situational exhibition areas of "spontaneous", "interactive" and "common good" are planned in series. Miffy Multimedia Co., Ltd. / MIND & IDEA FLY CO., LTD ., Yizhong Information Co., Ltd./eZoom Information, Inc., Liushutang Co., Ltd./LIOSHUTAN Digital Learning Inc., Hengding Technology Co., Ltd./LoreMaster Tech Inc., Xiangyi Enterprise Co., Ltd./SHA YANG YE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., CSquare Technology Co. Ltd., SiS Technology Co., Ltd./Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation, DeepWave Intelligent Co., Ltd./DeepWave Co., Ltd., Kaien Technology Co., Ltd. / KNT-DATA INC. integrated exhibition.

In order to expand the benefits of the exhibition, the Smart City Online online exhibition will continue to be displayed until the end of 2022 (  ), other exciting The content and information of the exhibition area can also be continuously tracked


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