September 27, 2022

GIGABYTE Unveils Z790 AORUS Motherboards Born for Intel 13th Gen. Core CPU

GIGABYTE today announced the Z790 AORUS gaming motherboards which are exclusively designed for the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Featuring up to 20+1+2 phases of digital power VRM design with each phase holding up to 105 amps Fins-Array III heatsink design, GIGABYTE’s Z790 AORUS lineup is geared with the best power design and thermal management to unleash the extreme performance and optimized overclocking experience on the new generation multi-core K series Intel® Core™ processors. The exclusive SMD memory slots with a metal shielding mask for anti-interference and the BIOS setting of DDR5 memory overclocking offer more stable signals to memory, which enable users to easily boost XMP and overclocking performance. GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS motherboards are completely next-gen ready and are engineered for PCIe® 5.0 graphics cards and SSDs. In addition to strengthening the durability and signal stability by enhanced SMD slots, PCIe® and M.2 EZ-Latch technology are implemented to make it easier for users to upgrade graphics cards and M.2 SSDs, simplifying ease of access and avoiding accidental damage to the surrounding components. Select GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS motherboards to offer users feature-rich I/O as well as the innovative Thermal Guard III design, and much more. Equipped with the all-around features of performance, power management, thermals, and audio, GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS motherboards definitively push computing firepower to the next level.

“With the advent of the new generation Intel® Z790 platform and the 13th generation Core™ processor, GIGABYTE also launched the latest motherboards to provide users ultra-durable products with premium compatibility, breakthrough performance, and low temperature through the optimized power supply, heat dissipation, and expansions. Featuring premium components and exclusive tuning function, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards boost the overall and overclocking performance of CPU and memories,” said Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “Featuring enhanced SMD PCIe® 5.0 x16 and M.2 slots with EZ-Latch design, lightning-fast networking of 2.5G or above, and Wi-Fi 6E dedicated spectrum, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards impress users by their remarkable performance and stability to become the perfect choice for Intel® Z790 platform.”

The 13th gen Intel® Core™ processors carry on the design of Intel® 7 stepping and the “hybrid” architecture of P-Core and E-Core, which not only increase the amount of E-Core but also enable the processors to dynamically switch between high-performance operation and low loading energy saving mode. This allows users to flexibly take full advantage of the processors depending on the demands of system operation. With up to 20+1+2 phases which each Vcore and Vcc GT holding up to 105 amps by its Smart Power Stage design, the flagship of GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS gaming motherboards unleashes the full potential of the new processors and enhances the extreme overclocking performance on all-core multi-cores, delivering more than 2200 Amps to provide the best power balance. Meanwhile, it provides more stable power and dissipates heat more efficiently from heavy loading operations or overclocking to prevent CPU throttling by overheating. Furthermore, the addition of Tantalum Polymer capacitors improves the transient response of the VRM between high and low loads, increasing the purity and stability of power for processors, and providing an abundant and solid power foundation so users won’t have to worry about overlocking.

Intel® Z790 platform can support both DDR5 and DDR4 memory, GIGABYTE prepares various Z790 motherboards for users according to the market demand and positioning differences. The DDR5 models benefit from the new memory architecture which enables high power efficiency, low latency, and low power consumption, while DDR4 models perform impressively. Besides the well-reputed Shielded Memory Routing of SMD memory DIMMs and dual metal armor, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards also adopt the new generation low-impedance PCB and layouts for users to enjoy premium memory overclocking performance with more durability and more stability. Real-world tests also affirm an overclocking boost performance up to DDR5-7600.

To easily provide users with a striking DDR5 memory overclocking performance, GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS motherboards pack numerous notable enhancements from the Z690 platform. Strengthened by a new exclusive layout design, the “DDR5 Unlocked Voltage” feature can unlock the adjustment range of DDR5 memory native voltage, allowing users to reach higher memory clocks with more stability. “DDR5 XMP Booster” automatically detects controller brand under BIOS settings, which allows users to quickly choose from multiple built-in and pre-tuned memory overclocking profiles to speed up native DDR5 or XMP DDR5 memories. “XMP 3.0 User Profile” enables users to create and burn XMP profiles on their own to unleash the extreme performance of memories.

To enhance the overall heat dissipation, GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS MASTER and above motherboards feature new generation Fins-Array III technology to further enlarge the surface area of the thermal fin to 9 times more than a traditional heatsink, which allows for an increased amount of cool air to pass through for advanced heat dissipation. The Direct-Touch Heatpipe II design features an 8mm direct touch Heatpipe with shortened distance and increased contact area between the heat pipe and the heatsink for more efficient heat transfer, lowering the temperatures more rapidly. Meanwhile, select GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS motherboards to implement a new generation LAIRD 12W/mK thermal pad in the VRM area offering significantly improved heat dissipation compared to traditional thermal pads. Furthermore, selected AORUS motherboards to feature a metal back plate with nano-carbon coating for stylish thermal design, while several Z790 AORUS models continue the full-coverage one-piece metal plate on the MOS area from previous designs to provide more efficient heat dissipation. The multiple skived fins and the grooved surface provide two times larger dissipation area than traditional designs and dramatically improve the heat convection and conduction by allowing more airflow to pass through the heatsink.

GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards adopt an 8-layer and above 2OZ-copper PCB for enhanced heat dissipation under the high-speed operation of the CPU to avoid performance throttling by overheating. Besides the hardware thermal design on VRM, GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards also utilize Smart Fan 6 technology and EZ Tuning function to ensure users an optimal balance among silent, cool, and high performance. The enlarged heatsink and heightened M.2 thermal guard of select Z790 AORUS motherboards, especially the Thermal Guard XTREME II on the flagship Z790 AORUS XTREME with Direct-Touch Heatpipe II and special designed 8cm-high thermal fin, provide optimal cooling for the PCIe® 5.0 M.2 SSDs to prevent thermal throttling under high-speed operation.


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