January 5, 2023

CES 2023: Giga Computing Shares the Power of Computing with GIGABYTE Solutions

Giga Computing (a GIGABYTE subsidiary) is an industry leader in high-performance servers, server motherboards, and workstations, is presenting next gen GIGABYTE server hardware and technology that unleashes greater performance, improves energy efficiency, and is ready for a high level of CPU and GPU compute during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2023. The dedicated enterprise area at the GIGABYTE booth will have themes: advanced cooling, GPU-centric solutions, and next gen servers. Additionally, an AI system software platform demo is at the booth.

The Best, Next Gen Cooling

With the incredible performance gains in processor technology, performance density is on the rise. At CES, GIGABYTE is showing how traditional servers and data centers must adapt and adopt solutions at the GIGABYTE booth. To offer a major leap in energy efficiency, visitors can experience and discuss liquid immersion cooling and direct liquid cooling (DLC) solutions, both of which GIGABYTE has products already in the market. The list of new immersion ready servers continues to expand, just like the addition of the GIGAYBTE TO15-Z40 that is an OCP server compatible with all major immersion tanks. Another cooling option at the booth exists with the GIGABYTE H262-ZL0 that provides rapid heat dissipation from eight powerful CPUs in a 2U chassis, thanks to the server design and DLC technology from CoolIT Systems.

HPC and AI Achieve Incredible New Heights

GPUs have been the talk of the town recently as they can better process vast amounts of data and quickly churn out meaningful insights, more so than CPUs alone. However, the marriage of CPU and GPU technology is paramount. At CES, visitors can see GIGABYTE systems that include G492-PD0 with NVIDIA HGX™ A100 8-GPU and Arm-based CPUs from Ampere Computing; G492-ID0 with the same NVIDIA accelerator but for the x86 platform; and G493-ZB0 that supports dual AMD EPYC™ 9004 series processors and up to eight PCIe Gen5 GPUs. These systems provide a glimpse of what is in the market today, and representatives can share about future servers that are coming for Gen5 GPUs in 2023.

Balanced Compute Performance Solutions

Skewed towards CPU compute performance, fast and abundant storage, and networking, the new dual socket R283-Z96 and R183-Z95 servers at CES are optimally balanced to find a home as an enterprise server or for cloud computing. They are both are built for the recently unveiled AMD EPYC 9004 series processors with up to 96 cores and supporting 12-channel memory.

One Stop AI Solution

A live AI demo by MyelinTek will be at the booth to share a complete software stack for deep learning that system administrators, AI model developers, and service providers are already using. In a GIGABYTE workstation, W771-Z00, built for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 5000WX and support multiple GPUs, users can realize what is possible with an AI platform that has a user-friendly web interface to manage datasets for training models, schedule training jobs, manage multiple servers, and view hardware usage information.

These solutions are now at the GIGABYTE booth, located in the LVCC North Hall, booth #9119.


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