December 1, 2023

Canon Short Film Contest Uncovers Malaysia's Storytelling Talent

Canon Marketing Malaysia (“Canon”) held a celebration of creativity and storytelling at the Canon Short Film Contest 2023 awards ceremony, commemorating the exceptional talents of Malaysian filmmakers.

Themed “Harmony in Diversity,” the contest invited aspiring creative talents to embark on a narrative journey in appreciation of the rich tapestry of cultures that surrounds us in Malaysia. The contest received an overwhelming response from filmmaking aspirants and content creators nationwide across three categories: Camera, Colleges & Universities, and Smartphone.

A panel of distinguished industry experts, including Chew Han Tah, Indra Che Muda Redzuan and Raja Mukhriz, assessed submissions based on their creativity, storytelling, technical skills, and overall impact.

Canon's first nationwide short film contest demonstrates its commitment to nurturing the next generation of Malaysian filmmakers. Canon partnered with Sennheiser, Nanlite, Sandisk, and Zhiyun to equip winners with the resources they need to succeed in the long run while the contest provided a valuable platform and opportunity for aspiring film artisans to hone their skills, gain exposure, and kickstart their careers.

At the prize-giving ceremony, Shunji Yoshikai, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia said, “The contest exemplified our ‘Kyosei’ philosophy of working together for the common good by providing a platform for filmmaking aspirants to showcase Malaysia’s cinematic artistry. By uniting creative talents and industry leaders, and working with Tourism Malaysia, the contest reaffirmed our commitment to collaboration, talent development and cultural preservation, propelling Malaysia's filmmaking industry forward.”

“The contest is a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of Malaysian film visionaries. We are proud to have played a role in supporting and fostering a new wave of Malaysian film talents”, added Hunter Zhang, Director of Image Communication Business Division at Canon Marketing Malaysia.

Dato’ Dr. Ammar Abd. Ghapar, Director General of Tourism Malaysia, also expressed his appreciation for the contest, saying, “We are delighted to see the winning films capture the essence of our nation, from vibrant cultures to stunning landscapes. We congratulate the winners and all the participants for their creativity and talent.”

Walking away with sponsored prizes and a new EOS R5C camera was Anwar Johari Ho for his heartwarming film “Don't Get Too Close to That Edge”, entailing a story of a traditional dancer's relentless pursuit of perfection that pushes her physical and emotional limits. The judges praised the film's creativity, storytelling and technical execution, particularly the director's ability to create a compelling and emotionally driven narrative with cinematographic flair.

With a diverse pool of talented local film artisans, Malaysia is well-positioned to become a regional powerhouse in filmmaking and Canon looks forward to continuing to support the growth of the industry and help Malaysian visual storytellers achieve their dreams.

To immerse yourself in the creativity and talent of Malaysian filmmakers, visit Canon Malaysia’s Official Youtube Channel to watch the shortlisted video submitted for the contest which will be made available later.


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