May 29, 2024

DarkFlash at Computex 2024: Unveiling Space-Themed Cutting-Edge Innovations

Computex Taipei 2024, the Taipei International Computer Show, is set to take place in early June. This year, darkFlash has drawn inspiration from a futuristic space theme, incorporating numerous space technology elements into its products. The exhibition booth will be designed as a brand spaceship, featuring multiple immersive interactive areas to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the products.

At Computex 2024, darkFlash will showcase a variety of new products, including computer cases, coolers, fans, and keyboards. Additionally, several custom-designed cases with different themes will be on display.

Monitor Liquid Coolers

The technology behind monitor liquid coolers is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with many manufacturers introducing their own versions. At this year's Computex, darkFlash is launching two integrated monitor liquid coolers: the DN IPS and the Magic Cube Liquid Cooler.

The DN IPS liquid cooler not only allows users to monitor their computer's performance through the built-in display but also enables customized designs by changing images and themes via software developed by darkFlash.

The Dot Matrix Liquid Cooler features a pixel display design, including a fan with pixel display on the side frame. The pixel screen on the Dot Matrix Liquid Cooler allows users to display their favorite images through software or create their own unique designs!

 Magnetic cooling Fans

As processors and graphics cards become more powerful, they generate more heat, necessitating more fan installation spaces in future computer cases. This also means more fan cables that need to be connected. In response, darkFlash proudly introduces the new magnetic fans this year, with models Guass G16 and Guass G24.

By adding magnetic rings at the connection points between fans, these fans can be directly powered and operated when connected to each other. This not only provides excellent cooling performance but also eliminates unnecessary wiring between fans, maintaining the overall aesthetics of the computer case.

Mechanical Keyboards

Continuous innovation in mechanical keyboards is a key factor driving market growth in the coming years. The increasing demand for customization, RGB lighting effects, and the emergence of thinner keyboards are expected to lead to significant market demand. In response, darkFlash is introducing several keyboards at this year's Computex, spearheaded by the DF98.

Multiple switch options will be available, allowing users to choose their preferred typing experience. Additionally, there will be a switch testing area at the exhibition, enabling consumers to better understand and compare the typing feel and differences between various switches.


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