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August 4, 2022

Lenovo ranked 171 on the ‘FORTUNE Global 500’ List – ranks in the top 15 of all technology companies in the world

After achieving historical FY21/22 fiscal year results, Lenovo has been ranked #171 on FORTUNE’s annual Global 500 List and in the top 20 (#14) of all Technology sector companies cited in the List. This is Lenovo’s best performance on record among technology companies, moving up one spot from the previous year.
The Fortune Global 500 is the annual ranking of the largest 500 corporations in the world as measured by total revenue. Together, companies on The Global 500 generated US$37.8 trillion in revenue and US$3.1 trillion in profits in 2021, employ 69.6 million people worldwide, and are represented by 33 countries.

Lenovo’s ranking reflects the company’s global footprint and business across 180 markets in the world, and its intensified commitment to innovation, underpinned by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments. Lenovo continues its transformation from a devices company to a global technology powerhouse that also includes services and solutions.

Lenovo continued to strengthen its competitiveness to drive sustainable profitable growth. It has already made strong progress toward doubling R&D investments and will continue to realize its ESG goals and commitments. Last week, Lenovo announced that it had successfully completed its inaugural offering of green bonds as part of a US$1.25 billion dual-tranche Rule 144A / Regulation S bond offering, which marks an important milestone in Lenovo’s ESG journey and supports its vision to achieve Net-Zero by 2050.

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Production Modules Now Available; Partner Ecosystem Appliances and Servers Arrive

Nearly three dozen partners are offering feature-packed systems based on the new Jetson Orin module to help customers accelerate AI and robotics deployments.

Bringing new AI and robotics applications and products to market, or supporting existing ones, can be challenging for developers and enterprises.

The NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB production module — available now — is here to help.

Nearly three dozen technology providers in the NVIDIA Partner Network worldwide are offering commercially available products powered by the new module, which provides up to a 6x performance leap over the previous generation.

With a wide range of offerings from Jetson partners, developers can build and deploy feature-packed Orin-powered systems sporting cameras, sensors, software and connectivity suited for edge AI, robotics, AIoT and embedded applications.

Production-ready systems with options for peripherals enable customers to tackle challenges in industries from manufacturing, retail and construction to agriculture, logistics, healthcare, smart cities, last-mile delivery and more.

Helping Build More Capable AI-Driven Products Faster 

Traditionally, developers and engineers have been limited in their ability to handle multiple concurrent data streams for complex application environments. They’ve faced strict latency requirements, energy-efficiency constraints, and issues with high-bandwidth wireless connectivity. And they need to be able to easily manage over-the-air software updates.

They’ve also been forced to include multiple chips in their designs to harness the compute resources needed to process diverse, ever-growing amounts of data.

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin overcomes all of these challenges.

The Jetson AGX Orin developer kit, capable of up to 275 trillion operations per second, supports multiple concurrent AI application pipelines with an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, next-generation deep learning and vision accelerators, high-speed I/O, and fast memory bandwidth.

With Jetson AGX Orin, customers can develop solutions using the largest and most complex AI models to solve problems such as natural language understanding, 3D perception and multi-sensor fusion.

The four Jetson Orin-based production modules, announced at GTC, offer customers a full range of server-class AI performance. The Jetson AGX Orin 32GB module is available to purchase now, while the 64GB version will be available in November. Two Orin NX production modules are coming later this year. 

The production systems are supported by the NVIDIA Jetson software stack, which has enabled thousands of enterprises and millions of developers to build and deploy fully accelerated AI solutions on Jetson.

On top of JetPack SDK, which includes the NVIDIA CUDA-X accelerated stack, Jetson Orin supports multiple NVIDIA platforms and frameworks such as Isaac for robotics, DeepStream for computer vision, Riva for natural language understanding, TAO Toolkit to accelerate model development with pretrained models, and Metropolis, an application framework, set of developer tools and partner ecosystem that brings visual data and AI together to improve operational efficiency and safety across industries.

Customers are bringing their next-generation edge AI and robotics applications to market much faster by first emulating any Jetson Orin-based production module on the Jetson AGX Orin developer kit.

Expanding Developer Community and Jetson Partner Ecosystem 

More than 1 million developers and over 6,000 companies are building commercial products on the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI and robotics computing platform to create and deploy autonomous machines and edge AI applications.

With over 150 members, the growing Jetson ecosystem of partners offers a vast range of support, including from companies specialized in AI software, hardware and application design services, cameras, sensors and peripherals, developer tools and development systems.

Some 32 partners offer commercially available products, powered by the new Jetson AGX Orin module, that are packed with options to help support cutting-edge applications and accelerate time to market.

Developers looking for carrier boards and full hardware systems will find a range of options from AAEON, Auvidea, Connect Tech, MiiVii, Plink-AI, Realtimes and TZTEK to serve their needs.

Over 350 camera and sensor options are available from Allied Vision, Appropho, Basler AG, e-Con Systems, Framos, Leopard Imaging, LIPS, Robosense, Shenzhen Sensing, Stereolabs, Thundersoft, Unicorecomm and Velodyne. These can support challenging indoor/outdoor lighting conditions, as well as capabilities like lidars for mapping, localization and navigation in robotics and autonomous machines.

For comprehensive software support like device management, operating systems (Yocto & Realtime OS), AI software and toolkits, developers can look to Allxon, Cogniteam, Concurrent Realtime, Deci AI, DriveU, Novauto, RidgeRun, and Sequitur Labs.

And for connectivity options, including WiFi 6/6E, LTE and 5G, developers can check out the product offerings from Telit, Quectel, Infineon and Silex.

The new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32GB production module is available in the Jetson store from retail and distribution partners worldwide.  

July 23, 2022

ASUS Announces July Availability of ProArt Display OLED PA32DC

ProArt Display OLED PA32DC is the world’s first OLED reference monitor with automatic calibration. It features a built-in motorized flip colorimeter to ensure professional-grade color accuracy. This glorious 31.5-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) HDR reference monitor offers a cutting-edge OLED panel with pure RGB stripes and 99% DCI-P3 coverage to deliver highly accurate colors that bring out the finest details in every creation. PA32DC has a multi-award-winning design, earning accolades that include a 2022 Red Dot Award and a 2021 Japan Good Design Award.

Multiple HDR format support provides creators with the ideal platform for working with fast-moving HDR content. For comfort and convenience, PA32DC includes a pair of monitor feet and a stand to cater to any viewing position or work setup.

With ASUS Auto Calibration, ASUS ProArt calibration software, and both Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS professional hardware-calibration software, professional-grade color accuracy is assured ― and PA32DC is factory pre-calibrated to guarantee industry-leading color accuracy of Delta E1.

It also offers VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 True Black certification and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio to ensure the deepest blacks and brightest whites, enabling PA32DC to accurately display the most minute details in shadows and bright highlights for incredibly realistic visuals. A superfast 0.1 ms response time ensures blur-free video or animated content.

ProArt Display OLED PA32DC incorporates OLED technology to achieve ultra-precise control and extreme contrast, by making each individual pixel its own light source. The new display features a pure RGB-stripe OLED panel with billions of self-illuminating pixels that can be individually activated to reproduce truly lifelike imagery with deep blacks and enhanced color contrast for high-luminance images. These characteristics make PA32DC a natural fit for HDR content mastering.

PA32DC delivers exceptionally detailed and realistic visuals that exceed industry color-reproduction standards, with a studio-grade 99% DCI-P3 color gamut. This means that the colors reproduced on the display are richer and more vivid, so it’s ideal for color-intensive projects but also enhances any kind of content. It also features true 10-bit color depth to display more than 1.07 billion colors.

Designers, producers and color-solution companies deal with color-critical decisions and communications each day. ProArt displays are factory pre-calibrated to guarantee industry-leading color accuracy, offering color accuracy with a Delta E1 color difference value ― and PA32DC is no exception. It undergoes stringent and meticulous testing to ensure smoother color gradation, and each grayscale level is carefully measured and set to comply with the DICOM standard for medical use.

PA32DC reproduces black hues perfectly. Since each OLED pixel uses self-generated illumination, it simply turns off to display the deepest possible black shade for extremely crisp and clear images, even in the darkest scenes. As well, VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Black certification and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio ensure the deepest blacks and brightest whites, enabling PA32DC to accurately display the most minute details in shadows and bright highlights for incredibly realistic visuals.

All this is backed by a superfast response time of just 0.1 ms, ensuring, blur-free video or animated content.

July 12, 2022

Kingston Provides Mainstream and Enterprise Users Latest Storage Products

Taking ahead its legacy of providing best in class portable storage solutions, Kingston Technology today announced the release the two latest products in its encrypted lineup, IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD (VP80ES) and IronKey Vault Privacy 50 (VP50), perfect for enterprise users and content creators looking for data security. Kingston also expanded its DataTraveler® range by adding Kingston DataTraveler® microDuo™ 3C (DTDUO3CG3) and DataTraveler® Micro (DTMC3G2) USB Flash Drives, to provide mainstream users additional storage for their important files and memories. 

Hardware-encrypted Storage Products for Data Security and Protection 

Kinston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD (VP80ES) marks Kingston’s first innovative OS-independent external SSD with touchscreen and hardware-encryption for data protection. Using IronKey VP80ES is as innate as unlocking a smartphone and simple drag & drop file transfers. Featuring an intuitive color touchscreen and FIPS 197 certified with XTS-AES 256-bit encryption, the drive is designed to protect data while also being user-friendly, ideal to safeguard against Brute Force attacks and BadUSB with digitally signed firmware for users from small-to-medium businesses (SMB) to content creators. Its military-grade security measures make it greatly superior over using the internet and Cloud services for securing important company information, documents, or high-res images and videos. 

Along with its ease of use and hardware encryption, VP80ES offers additional features for data protection, like Multi-Password (Admin/User) Option with PIN/Passphrase modes and Configurable Password Rules. With Admin option, choose between numeric PIN or Passphrase modes, set Configurable Password Rules, or enable extended security options like maximum number of shared password attempts, minimum password length of 6-64 characters, alphanumeric password rules, auto-timeout to lock drive, randomize touch-screen layout and Secure-Erase to ensure maximum protection of your important files. The Admin password can be used to restore data and access should the User password be forgotten. For additional peace of mind, VP80ES’ Brute Force attack protection crypto-erases the drive if the Admin and User passwords are entered incorrectly 15 times1 in a row by default.

The external SSD is bundled with a neoprene travel case and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 adapter cables to easily connect to USB Type-C®2 or Type-A supporting computers and other devices, making it the perfect companion that enables portable productivity and convenience when you need secured data and content on-the-go. 

The new encrypted USB drive, IronKey Vault Privacy 50 (VP50) comes with FIPS 197 certification and AES 256-bit hardware-encryption in XTS mode for data security. VP50 supports Admin, User, and One-Time Recovery passwords with Complex or Passphrase modes, and this multi-password option enhances the ability to recover access to data on the drive should one of the passwords be forgotten. The new passphrase mode gives users the ability to have a numeric PIN, sentence, list of words, or even lyrics from 10 to 64 characters long that’s unique, yet memorable to them. 

Admin can also enable a User and a One-Time Recovery password or reset the User password to restore data access. In addition, VP50 protects against Brute Force attacks by locking out User or One-Time Recovery passwords upon 10 invalid entries in a row and crypto-erases the drive if the Admin password is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row. So, while data is lost, there’s no fear of a breach.

VP50 also protects against potential malware on untrusted systems, by both Admin and User setting Read-Only mode to write-protect the drive; additionally, the built-in virtual keyboard shields passwords from keyloggers or screen-loggers. Organizations can customize and configure VP50 with a Product ID (PID) for integration with standard Endpoint Management software to meet corporate IT and cybersecurity requirement through Kingston’s Customization Program. Small and Medium Businesses can take advantage of the Admin role to locally manage their drives, e.g. use Admin to configure or reset employee User or One-Time Recovery passwords, recover data access on locked drives, and comply with laws and regulations when forensics are required. VP50 is encrypted storage under the user’s physical control, making it superior to using the internet and Cloud services to safeguard important data. 

New DataTraveler® USB Drives for Enhanced Data Storage Mobility

For mobile workers with various devices on hand, DataTraveler® microDuo™ 3C (DTDUO3CG3) offers dual interface that works with both newer USB Type-C®2 and traditional USB Type-A ports, while providing up to 256GB3 of extra storage. The eye-catching form factor offers convenient plug and play connectivity, with USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds of up to 200MB/s read4, allowing users to transfer files quickly between their smart phones, tablets, and computers. Whether it is for on-the-go (OTG5) work, travel or just out capturing the moments, the DT microDuo 3C is the perfect compact companion to backup and store more.


For those looking for a sleek and modern device to store and move their files, DataTraveler® Micro (DTMC3G2) is an ultra-small and lightweight USB drive, designed for convenient plug-and-stay storage that’s compatible with computers, printers, gaming consoles and more. It delivers USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds up to 200MB/s read6 and up to 256GB3 capacities to quickly transfer and store large files such as movies, music, games and photos. DT Micro incorporates a low-profile design with premium metal casing and built-in key loop to leave in USB ports without interference.

IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD is available in 480GB, 960GB, and 1920GB capacities and is backed by a limited three-year warranty; Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50 is available in capacities from 8GB – 256GB and is backed by a limited five-year warranty, both products are supported with free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability. DataTraveler® microDuo™ 3C and DataTraveler® Micro USB drives are backed by a limited five-year warranty, with free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability. 

June 22, 2022

Vietnam’s MoMo Has a Super-App for That

Vietnam-based fintech company MoMo has developed a super-app that includes payment and financial transaction processing in one self-contained online commerce platform. The convenience of this all-in-one mobile platform has already attracted over 30 million users in Vietnam.

To improve the efficiency of the platform’s chatbots, know-your-customer (eKYC) systems and recommendation engines, MoMo uses NVIDIA GPUs running in Google Cloud. It uses NVIDIA DGX systems for training and batch processing.


In just a few months, MoMo has achieved impressive results in speeding development of solutions that are more robust and easy to scale. Using NVIDIA GPUs for eKYC inference tasks has resulted in a 10x speedup compared to using CPU, the company says. For the MoMo Face Payment service, using TensorRT has reduced training and inference time by 10x.

AI Offers a Different Perspective

Tuan Trinh, director of data science at MoMo, describes his company’s use of AI as a way to get a different perspective on its business. One such project processes vast amounts of data and turns it into computerized visuals or graphs that can then be analyzed to improve connectivity between users in the app.

MoMo developed its own AI algorithm that uses over a billion data points to direct recommendations of additional services and products to its customers. These offerings help maintain a line of communication with the company’s user base that helps boost engagement and conversion.

The company also deploys a recommendation box on the home screen of its super-app. This caused its click-through rate to improve dramatically as the AI prompts customers with useful recommendations and keeps them engaged.

With AI, MoMo says it can process the habits of 10 million active users over the course of the last 30-60 days to train its predictive models. In addition, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server helps unify the serving flows for recommendation engines, which significantly reduces the effort to deploy AI applications in production environments. In addition, TensorRT has contributed to 3x performance improvement of MoMo’s payment services AI model inference, boosting the customer experience.

Chatbots Advance the Conversation

MoMo’s will use AI-powered chatbots to allow it to scale up faster when accommodating and engaging with users. Chatbot services are especially effective on mobile device apps, which tend to be popular with younger users, who often prefer them over making phone calls to customer service.

Chatbot users can inquire about a product and get the support they need to evaluate it before purchasing — all from one interface — which is essential for a super-app like MoMo’s that functions as a one-stop-shop.

The chatbots are also an effective vehicle for upselling or suggesting additional services, MoMo says. When combined with machine learning, it’s possible to categorize target audiences for different products or services to customize their experience with the app.

AI chatbots have the additional benefit of freeing up MoMo’s customer service team to handle other important tasks.

Better Credit Scoring

Credit history data from all of MoMo’s 30 million-plus users can be applied to models used for risk control of financial services by using AI algorithms. MoMo has applied credit scoring to the lending services within its super-app. Since the company doesn’t solely depend on traditional deep learning for tasks that are less complex, MoMo’s development team has been able to obtain higher accuracy with shorter processing times.

The MoMo app takes less than 2 seconds to make a lending decision but is still able to reduce taking on risky lending targets with more accurate predictions from AI. This helps keep customers from taking on too much debt, and helps MoMo from missing out on potential revenue.

Since AI is capable of processing both structured and unstructured data, it’s able to incorporate information beyond traditional credit scores, like whether customers spend their money on necessities or luxuries, to assess a borrower’s risk more accurately.

Future of AI in Fintech

With fintechs increasingly applying AI to their massive data stores, MoMo’s team predicts the industry will need to evaluate how to do so in a way that keeps user data safe — or risk losing customer loyalty. MoMo already plans to expand its use of graph neural networks and models based on its proven ability to dramatically improve its operations.

The MoMo team also believes that AI could one day make credit scores obsolete. Since AI is able to make decisions based on broader unstructured data, it’s possible to determine loan approval by considering other risks besides a credit score. This would help open up the pool of potential users on fintech apps like MoMo’s to people in underserved and underbanked communities, who may not have credit scores, let alone “good” ones.