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December 1, 2021

NUHS Builds AI Production Platform Using NVIDIA DGX A100 For Better Healthcare Predictions

NVIDIA today announced that National University Health System (NUHS) has built an AI production platform based on an NVIDIA DGX A100 system to become the first healthcare group in Singapore to have real-time streaming capabilities to deliver better patient care and treatment, collaborate on biomedical research and transform how illnesses are managed and treated. 

At the heart of NUHS’ newly-launched Endeavour AI platform, NVIDIA DGX A100 will run AI tools that make real-time predictions on diagnosis, progression of diseases, readmissions, risk of falls, and others. 

The new system will be integrated with NUHS’ Discovery AI training platform to form a complete training and inference system as part of the group’s digital transformation. 

“There are many demands on healthcare these days and we are undertaking a digital transformation throughout the cluster. In the centre of our digital transformation is the use of AI. Advances in healthcare require great compute resources, and NVIDIA DGX A100 delivers easy access to performance needed to aid in a world class hospital,” said Dr Ngiam Kee Yuan, group chief technology officer of NUHS and deputy chief medical informatics officer of National University Hospital (NUH).

NUHS is one of three public healthcare clusters in Singapore and an integrated academic health system and regional health system that delivers value-driven, innovative and sustainable healthcare. Its network covers 19 hospitals, polyclinics, specialist centres, medical centre, and academic health science institutions.

CPU limitations
Discovery AI, which runs on NVIDIA GPUs, is used for training models using large data sets while CPUs are used for inferencing. 

“As the number, volume and speed at which we are running inferencing increase, GPUs become necessary. Otherwise, we need to expend a lot more CPUs to run the same inferencing at that speed,” said Ngiam. 

For example, one AI tool would run about 100 to 200 inferences per second. For every patient who turns up at its hospitals and polytechnics, every time a doctor clicks, saves or free texts, or when new lab test results are out, an AI tool will be running in the background. All the data gets processed by the AI tools. This is done hundreds of times per second throughout the whole cluster at a large volume. If only CPUs are used, NUHS will run out of processing speed very quickly. 

“That's why we strategised, planned and built in NVIDIA DGX A100 from Day One when we deployed Endeavour AI. This is because we will be using it for high speed and large volume inference processed by our AI tools,” said Ngiam. 

NVIDIA DGX A100 is the universal system for all AI infrastructure, from analytics to training to inference. It packs five petaFLOPS of AI performance into a 6U form factor, replacing legacy infrastructure silos with one platform for every AI workload.

Streaming data, real-time output
Endeavour AI is a software and hardware stack that features streaming data as well as AI tools running micro services off a Kubernetes backbone to process all the streaming data and produce outputs on a real-time basis. 

With a capacity to handle up to 150 projects, Endeavour AI will start off with dozens of projects initially before scaling up. 

Among the first projects are those that impact the whole cluster, ranging from predictions on how a patient with a certain condition will fare when admitted to a hospital to analysing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images. The projects will involve everything from structured medical data to text-based medical data that form the basis for generating chatbots that are conversational in nature. 

NUHS produces between 20 and 30 GB of structured data and text daily, or between 1,800 and 2,500 messages per second for one hospital. This translates to about 10,000 to 15,000 messages per second at peak for the entire cluster. The AI tools need to run quickly in the background to absorb all the data on a day-to-day basis. 

“We do not want to build one project at a time. We are building a platform that enables multiple projects to run at a time. We have multiple uses for GPUs, largely in training at this point, but certainly we are well underway in operationalising the production use cases. Without the GPU, we cannot do a lot of these things,” said Ngiam. 

Operationalising AI, optimising healthcare
With Endeavour AI, an inferencing platform for streaming data powered by NVIDIA A100 GPUs on X86 server, NUHS has become the first healthcare group in Singapore to achieve stream capability by operationalising AI tools in real time for the entire cluster.

Patients interacting with AI-powered chatbots will experience improvement in appointment making, reduction in waiting time, and enjoy optimised care due to some of the work on patient trajectories. 

Radiologists and clinicians benefit from improved accuracy and speed of processing of images, X rays and scans, thanks to the stream capability. 

In day-to-day hospital operations, a number of predictions is done automatically without even needing to click a button. Data that streams out of the electronic medical record system are processed and the doctor is alerted if a patient meets a certain set of weights for high risk. 

“These are tangible realities and outcomes that we expected when we Endeavour AI went live,” said Ngiam. 

Looking towards for compute power
Even though the new NVIDIA DGX A100 has just gone live, NUHS is already looking forward to the next generation of the system to tackle the expected growth in datasets and speed needed to process those data in the next few years. 

“We have invested in programmes that look at genomics. When this genomic data hits us, we are not talking about gigabytes but one terabyte of data per day. The amount of compute required to run genomic type processing going forward is going to be exponentially larger. Until then, our next step is to look at how to optimally use our GPUs for the next few years,” said Ngiam. 

“NVIDIA DGX A100 lets NUHS consolidate training, inference and analytics into a unified AI infrastructure. It will provide the computing power to help the hospital group achieve operational and scientific breakthroughs in the healthcare sector, benefitting clinicians and patients in Singapore,” said Dennis Ang, director of enterprise business for the SEA and ANZ Region at NVIDIA.

Kingston Technology Readies Limited-Edition 2022 Mini Tiger USB Drive

Kingston has consistently introduced unique USB drives inspired by animal mascots during the holiday season, providing a perfect gift option for those searching for a souvenir of prosperity, joy, and good luck. Following the signature design of the Mini Collection, the Mini Tiger USB drive is ovular-shaped with gold details with a smooth, rubber finish for shock resistant protection. Stored in a beverage can with keychain ring detail for portability, users can easily turn the Mini Tiger USB into a cute lucky charm on-the-go. The Mini Tiger USB is equipped with 64GB capacity1 and supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 performance compatible with USB 2.0. Though tiny and adorable, the Mini Tiger signifies strength and bravery to cheer people on in the upcoming year.

“We at Kingston have always worked towards helping our customers capture, store and preserve their unforgettable moments and bringing joy to them through our creatively-designed products,” said Kevin Wu, Sales/Marketing and Business Development Vice President of APAC region, Kingston. “The limited-edition drive embodies our spirit and enthusiasm for the new year, we want our customers to know that Kingston is with you in 2022, and we wish everyone a brighter and happier year.”

Kingston’s limited-edition Mini Tiger USB drive is available through Kingston’s network of retail and e-tail outlets at a MSRP of RM89. Starting from December 13th, customers will receive Kingston red envelope with purchase of the Mini Tiger USB drive. The USB drive is backed by a 5-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

November 25, 2021

Logitech G and shroud Introduce Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G and leading innovator of gaming technologies and gear, in partnership with one of the world's most popular gaming streamers and former pro player, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, introduced a fully redesigned version of shroud’s favorite mouse, the Logitech G303 Wireless Gaming Mouse. The new mouse is designed and engineered to meet shroud’s exact specifications and performance demands.

“Getting the opportunity to design a mouse with Logitech was a dream come true. The G303 is my favorite mouse of all time and using that as the design inspiration we made my perfect mouse,” said shroud. “Collaborating with Logitech G was an amazing experience, and I’m really proud of the final product. I’m excited to bring this to all my fans.”

“It's no secret that shroud takes his play seriously, and having the right gear is important to his success,” said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G. “Collaborating with shroud, we started with the classic G303, then crafted it to his hand, calibrated it to his touch, and created a mouse fit that’s perfect for his needs. If you are a shroud fan, and want the same tool he uses, then this is the mouse for you.”

Known for his insane aim — and a self-proclaimed wireless fiend — shroud loves the precision, accuracy, shape, and feel of the G303 wireless gaming mouse. Logitech G worked closely with shroud to understand exactly how to improve the original G303 to meet his specific requirements and preferences. We enhanced and updated the shape and form, repositioned the side buttons, changed switch location, adjusted the weight, and even went as far as including subtle markings to approximate his finger grip position, all in an effort to build the perfect mouse for shroud.

Through a unique design collaboration process, shroud worked through a variety of models and tools to perfectly fit the mouse shape and geometry to his specifications. In addition, we held deep discussions regarding the components and technology included to ensure it includes the most advanced, pro-grade technology.

The remastered G303 Shroud Edition features LIGHTSPEED, delivering ultra-low latency and reliable performance. The mouse is also equipped with Logitech G’s proprietary HERO 25K Sensor for precision and speed, without sacrificing energy.

Subtle enhancements to the mouse, including subtle markings approximating shroud’s finger grip positions, translucent side panels to allow a window into the technology that shroud wanted to see, and USB-C connections were all required by shroud.

Weighing in at 75 grams, the shroud G303 is lightweight, robust and comfortable enough to allow for low-sensitivity DPI and faster aiming. Combine that with the 145 hours of battery life, and gamers are able to game all day long. And of course, the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition is available in shroud’s favorite color - black.

November 16, 2021

GIGABYTE Releases AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit

Gigabyte announced AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit to support the latest Intel® Z690 platform for the brand new level performance. AORUS Memory DDR5 32GB 5200 MHz features two 16GB DDR5 XMP 5200 MHz design to provide higher frequency and performance than native DDR5 memories. With GIGABYTE Z690 motherboards, it can further unlock the limitation of memory clock to enhance performance by DDR5 XMP Booster and XMP 3.0 User Profile. The new On-Die ECC feature of DDR5 highlights error correction which can detect and correct most common memory data damage to improve the stability of data. In addition, the copper-aluminum heat spreader with the nano-carbon coating can effectively reduce the heat generated by the memories under high-speed operation, offering excellent performance and avoiding instability from overheating.

AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit features two 16GB DDR5 XMP 5200 MHz dual-channel design, and just fit the support of DDR5 memory on Intel® Z690 platform. The brand new memory architecture features high memory clock speed, low power consumption, which enable DDR5 XMP Booster function on AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit with GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS motherboards. “DDR5 XMP Booster” can detect the brand of memory IC in the BIOS setting to allow users chose quickly from multiple built-in and pre-tuned memory overclocking profiles, boosting the native DDR or XMP DDR memory speed. Furthermore, “XMP 3.0 User Profile” enable users to create and store XMP profile on their own to unleash the extreme performance of memories.

AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit equips robust thermal solutions of the copper-aluminum heat spreader with nano-carbon coating and high conductivity-thermal pad, so that users can rest assure of their memory overclocking. The heat generated from the power control IC and memory chip can be quickly carried out by the thermal pad and the copper bottom, then the heat exchanges through the air between nano-carbon coated copper-aluminum heat spreader. The groove cut by CNC on the spreader enlarge the heat dissipation area to fasten the heat blown away by the system fans and drop the temperature. Users have no more worry about overclocking failures caused by overheating from high-speed memory operation or overvoltage. As for data security, AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit support “On-Die ECC” error correction function, which can detect and correct most common memory data damage for a more stable system operation compared to DDR4 to reduce unnecessary troubles.

In order to provide more superior stability, and ultimate performance of memory, AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit was implemented with GIGABYTE ultra durable elements and verified with all GIGABYTE motherboard lineup. AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit has been shipped and will be soon available in the market.

November 11, 2021

Canon introduced the PowerShot PICK portable camera

Canon has launched the PowerShot PICK, a portable AI-powered camera which is built to automatically capture everyday moments with photos or videos. With in-built features of face-capture technology, the PowerShot PICK will automatically recognise faces around it and capture (via video or photography) memorable moments in a candid manner without you having to be behind the camera.

Its small size and in-built tripod mount make it very useful in many indoor and outdoor scenarios – whether you are spending time with your friends or family at a gathering or party, or just on a day out with the children, or even on the go in a vehicle, the PowerShot PICK’s compact, lightweight and portable design allows you to bring it anywhere and everywhere.

“While users aim to capture all their precious moments with family and friends, they may not be actively shooting with their cameras or smartphones. The PowerShot PICK allows users to capture all their important moments automatically as if it were a dedicated photographer, giving them the ability to concentrate on spending time with their loved ones,” said Hunter Zhang, Director of the Imaging Communications Business (ICB) Division of Canon Marketing Malaysia.

Smile Tracking and Automatic Filtering

Using a unique algorithm that was developed over the years by Canon, the PowerShot PICK will automatically search for faces of people nearby once it is switched on, adjusting the composition of the shot and shoot based on facial information with its pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) mechanism.

The intelligent technology behind the PowerShot PICK means that it can automatically shoot various scenes where people are smiling, with a variation of compositions. Subsequently, recommended scenes will be filtered from the many images taken, making it even easier to select and decide which images you would like to keep and share, saving time and effort.

Portable, Compact, and Lightweight

Weighing only approximately 170g (including the microSD card) and measuring under 9cm x 6cm in size, the PowerShot PICK can be carried along for use almost anywhere. The PTZ mechanism has a pan direction of maximum approximately ±170 degrees, tilt direction of a maximum approximate of 110 degrees and is capable of up to a maximum of 12x zoom, through a combination of a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom.

The PowerShot PICK also has a wide-angle coverage of 19mm (in 35mm format equivalent), allowing a large group of people to be included within the scene and it works well in small enclosed areas. This allows users to place the camera at an easy angle to allow continuous footage shooting without having to worry about adjusting the camera. Up to 5 hours of video recording through the camera’s built-in battery allows the camera to be portable and can be used anywhere. Also, it can be charged via its USB-C port.

Tracking and Image Stabilisation (IS)

Using Canon’s Nano USM technology, the PowerShot PICK is capable of silent and high-speed tracking, automatically tracking the subject so that the face stays within the angle of view even when the subject moves. The camera effectively suppresses blur by mechanically controlling the rotation angle of the lens barrel, ensuring the user will be able to get the clearest shots available without having to be physically present to ensure that the camera is focusing on the right targets, saving an incredible amount of time and providing tremendous efficiency when it comes to capturing your most memorable moments.

Customised Shooting with a Dedicated Smartphone App

PowerShot PICK’s dedicated smartphone app (Connect app for Mini PTZ Cam) connects the user to the camera, providing a range of functions such as checking registered people, recommending photos and videos, camera notifications, viewing of captured still images and videos, remote camera control, camera settings, and the ability to generate highlight videos (only for iOS users).

When switched on, the PowerShot PICK searches for people in the surrounding area and registers them automatically. Through the dedicated smartphone app, users can assign a name to a registered person and prioritise them by marking them as a “favourite”. Automatic shooting settings can also be customised, such as the search or zoom range preferences, capturing only still photos or both still photos and videos, and shooting period priority versus shooting frequency priority.

Given its small size and in-built tripod mount, there are a wide range of indoor and outdoor scenarios in which the PowerShot PICK can come in handy as it can be mounted on selfie sticks, tripods and even on bicycles, to record unique perspectives and key moments, ensuring that you never lose another precious moment amongst family and friends!

Video content creators would also find the PowerShot PICK helpful in shooting ‘how-to’ videos smoothly, be it in terms of cooking, makeup or even crafting. Through remote shooting, coupled with PTZ features, video expression can be expanded, and touch tracking can also be achieved via the app when used with the remote control functionality.

For important events such as weddings or concerts, the PowerShot PICK can also serve as a “B-cam” to capture behind-the-scenes (BTS) activities, such as the preparation process and the expressions of the audience

Voice Commands and Webcam Support

Among the extensive features available on the PowerShot PICK, it also allows users to operate the camera through voice commands on four distinct functions – still photo shooting, changing subjects, starting of video recording, and stopping automatic shooting. This is all possible with the camera alone, without needing any cloud communication or wireless/wired connectivity.

The PowerShot PICK also supports seven languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The camera also comes with webcam support, via the installation of the Wireless Webcam Utility for Mini PTZ Cam (a windows only PC app). The camera can be placed anywhere since it connects to the PC wirelessly and users are able to transfer camera images to the PC anywhere in real time. PTZ control of the camera and automatic tracking settings can also be changed from the application software.