November 23, 2012

Giada Technology Mini PCs with Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has committed itself to the „small“ PC and implicitly stated which devices it expects to irreversibly dominate the future: small-format technology giants like Smartphone and tablets. Windows 8 is a mediator between the two worlds of portable and (for now still) stationary PCs, bringing the two together according to user needs; it may well be called a hybrid operating system. Its user interface is almost identical to “Windows Phone 8”, Microsoft`s operating system for Smartphone – the same tiles, optimized for small displays.

But what is it that makes the combination of Windows 8 and Mini PCs – the size of a paperback with the performance of a notebook – so attractive to private users, offices and industrial organizations? Windows 8 is especially developed for Tablet-PCs and Touch screen monitors and therefore provides a broad range of discrete deployments.

Small-sized, portable, and almost silent Mini PCs like the models of Giada Technology deliver performance far exceeding those of Smartphone or tablets. And with Windows 8, they are now more comfortable, intuitive, and flexible to use than before. Giada Mini-PCs can be ideally mounted behind Windows 8 Touch screens. That’s a perfect scenario not only in private usage, but also at the Point of Sale or Point of Interest, where customers and interested people are able to get closer information by using a Touch screen. The new user interface is first and foremost designed for apps. Users can look through the Windows Store, discover new apps, and easily buy them. What is more, Windows 8 features full virus protection software and virus-proof apps for the first time.
Security is an important topic for Giada Technology as well. Our Mini PCs come with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), enabling the user to work with existing TPM-based security applications like data encryption or VPNs.
Equipped with the newest third-generation Intel processors – users can choose between i3, i5, and i7 – Giada Technology Mini PCs deliver first-rate performance. Despite their compact size, the beautiful devices are full desktop PCs that can be used at home and in offices – and they show their strengths in other fields as well: Everybody who wants to gear up their living rooms with top-level structural multimedia equipment finds perfect choices with posh, black or white piano lacquer at Giada Technology. They fit into a room`s atmosphere, need only very little space and operate almost silently to keep bedrooms and living rooms as enjoyable as they are supposed to be. There are many applications for Giada Technology in small and home offices, specific working environments like hospitals, and in the field of Digital Signage as well.


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