November 26, 2012

Sapphire Introduces New Edge VS Mini PCs

Sapphire has introduced its new range of mini PCs that utilize AMD's new Trinity APUs. The Sapphire Edge VS series delivers a combination of good performance and powerful graphics within a small form factor.

Sapphire Edge VS Mini PC
Thanks to its small size, the business users who have limited floor space can easily fit the mini PC in their office. With the latest AMD APU, the Sapphire Edge VS series is able to handle business applications efficiently as well as accelerating web browsing, file compression and decompression for increased productivity. In addition, the Sapphire VS is also great for playing games. Thanks to its built-in Radeon HD graphics engine, the system is suitable for streaming HD videos or playing casual games.

These features makes the Sapphire Edge VS is an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial applications. The Sapphire Edge VS comes in two different models: the Edge VS 4 and Edge VS 8. The standard model ships with 4GB RAM and hard disk pre-installed, but an option will be offered with no OS, RAM or disk-fitted, allowing for custom configurations to be assembled, including the use of SSD drives and RAM upgrades up to 16GB.


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