April 11, 2014

BenQ Launches the RL2460HT 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and professional gaming monitor pioneer, announced today a new addition to its RL Series: the RL2460HT.

Packed with exclusively designed Fighting Mode and HDMI Output for console games, as well as all the latest features from 1 ms GTG to Flicker-free Technology, Black eQualizer, Low Blue Light Technology and Height Adjustment Stand with Precision Scale System, the 24" novelty is the world's first-ever professional gaming monitor dedicated to optimize the experience of high speed gaming. This is also BenQ's first time to work with professional gamers of this exciting genre, inviting console game legend, Justin Wong of Evil Geniuses, to co-develop the new Fighting Mode.

"We are very excited to be introducing the RL2460HT for the very first time, particularly to the console game community," said Peter YF Huang, General Manager of BenQ's Technology Product Center. "Having understood that competitive gaming brings out this raw intensity and competitiveness in gamers, infusing them with incredible drive and energy, our team of designers and engineers worked day and night with the input of gaming pros to get the RL2460HT up for the game. There is no doubt in our mind that the RL2460HT is going to perform amazingly for some of the professional gaming industry's most popular titles enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world."

Precise Timing with Uncompromised Streaming
The RL2460HT now features a built-in HDMI output, which eliminates the risk of system input lag and delay by allowing for action to be captured after rather than prior to going through the monitor. This ensures an ultra-smooth, distortion-free gaming experience and uncompromised streaming while also enabling easy head-to-head setup capabilities for multiplayer games using a single screen - giving gamers a solid combination of game play supremacy and setup satisfaction.

Total One-on-One Focus with Fighting Mode
Fighting games on a competitive level requires gamers' unsullied focus on character. To optimize gamers' odds of winning, BenQ co-designed the Fighting Mode with fighting game legend, Justin "JWong" Wong of Evil Geniuses, granting gamers access to specific color calibration settings that help highlight the characters in combat. This extra boost improves gamers' gameplay and their chance to destroy their opponents.

Convenience and Comfort in One Package
Gaming is in the detail - and that includes offering gamers a personalized viewing experience that matches up to their gaming preferences. With the RL2460HT, gamers are able to keep track of and duplicate their monitor height setup with the newly incorporated Precision Scale System that comes with the 110 cm Height Adjustment Stand which can be operated with just one finger to move the screen up high or down flat on the table, turned vertically or horizontally, as well as paired with a VESA mount. The upgraded Display Pilot function allows gamers to directly access the Game Mode Loader for downloading and installing the preset display settings of their favorite game or professional gamer in additional to making on-screen display adjustments.

Eye-care Design for Clear, Lasting Gameplay
A genre that demands the clearest possible vision, absolute concentration and dedicated practice, high-speed gaming requires gamers to spend hours after hours in front of the screen. Designed with this in mind, the RL2460HT comes with BenQ's new Low Blue Light Technology to remove harmful blue spectrum light emitted from regular computer screens to protect gamers' eyes and offers a range of adjustable low blue light levels to fit sensitive viewing needs. The RL2460HT also comes with the Gaming-comfort Flicker-free Technology to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, elevating gaming performance and enhancing visual comfort during every gameplay.

The RL2460HT will be available worldwide in April 2014.


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