September 12, 2014

KINGMAX OTG USB flash drive keeps information secured on-the-go

The wonderful convenience of cloud applications has gradually altered the habits of numerous internet users. Today, more and more online service providers are giving their best efforts to secure their share of the online market. However, with the prevalence of cloud services and solutions follows the threat of information security and privacy – and the threat is closer than you might think! 

With the features of smartphones becoming more and more powerful by the day, the lives of the users have become closely connected to the internet. However, more than one major manufacturer of smartphones has been found to have products that send out users personal data. And there are similar issues having surfaced for other brand names. Even Hollywood celebrities have become victims of such information security breach. While data access via cloud offers indisputable convenience, it has also become vulnerable spots for information leakage and you may find yourself pondering: “What can I do to avoid this threat?”

There is only one principle that you should bear in mind: Don’t take the easy way out – do not back up your important data on cloud space.

While that may sound easy enough, it could be a pain for users whom have gotten used to cloud space and the thought of carrying all those extra hard disks and cables can be cringe inducing. If that is your main concern, here’s an easy solution to your problem: if you are primary dealing with files under 32GB, you only need a small tool to save you from the trouble of carrying all those extra items with you.

And what is that tool? KINGMAX OTG USB Flash Drive!

Compatible with desktop PC, notebook PC, tablet and even smartphones!
Yes, that is right! Because OTG USB flash drive is equipped with both the standard USB and micro USB interfaces, which are found on most consoles and devices. OTG requires no additional adapter or cable to achieve connectivity to literally all devices for data access and editing. This will save you the trouble of having to convert files by keeping all your data in one place, which is the main reason why most users opt for cloud space storage in the first place! That isn’t so hard, is it?

So small and compact that it takes up no space in your backpack
Want to avoid increasing the weight or size of the stuff you carry around? KINGMAX PJ-02 combines both the standard USB and micro USB interfaces in a 30.7* 12* 4.5mm, 20g package (roughly equivalent to a knuckle of an adult’s index finger) for exceptional portability! While both PJ-01 and PJ-03 require micro SD card, they are also compatible with both USB interfaces (with the dimensions of 33* 14* 5mm and 45* 16* 6mm respectively). They are so small and compact that you can simply carry them in your jeans pocket. Just make sure to check your pockets when you do the laundry!

Available in a variety of colors
KINGMAX OTG comes in a variety of vibrant colors including Champagne Gold, Fuchsia, Blue, Silver, White, Black, Yellow and so forth. Choose the color that suits your devices best to accentuate your unique styles and tastes. Apart from its functionality, KINGMAX has also paid just as much attention to OTG’s industrial design with distinctively different exterior characteristics for different series: PJ-01 is chic and eye-catching; PJ-02 is modest and elegant while PJ-03 is sporty and recreational in appearance. Pick the one that catches your fancy!

KINGMAX’s OTG series comes in three different capacities (8GB, 16GB and 32GB) to accommodate the needs of different usages. With KINGMAX’s solution, you can kiss the threat of information security goodbye.


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