May 21, 2015

KINGMAX Sycret Text - Encryption solution for cloud data and text messages

While we can’t simply “read” what is on someone else’s mind, we can always make educated guesses by looking at things/files that he/she has handled. Today, we have a variety of social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to express our feelings and thoughts. That said, there are always going to be some things that we’d prefer to keep to ourselves.

It is such desire for privacy that led to the huge anticipation and excitement upon the launch of Sycret Text and this goes to show that vast number of consumers have the need for personal information confidentiality. The Sycret Text card must be operated in conjunction with the Sycret Text APP (which is a free on Google Play). Featuring 32-bit Common Criteria EAL 5+ certified security chip, the Sycret Text card adopts military grade RSA 2048/TRNG/AES-256 encryptions. KINGMAX’s Sycret Text has passed rigorous and stringent tests by the American National Institute of Standard and Technology and it shall be the ideal encryption solution for different uses, be it commercial IP, secret projects or personal privacy.

For Android devices, Sycret Text enables users to freely choose files, documents and folders to be encrypted. Users who enjoy taking selfies can also perform direct encryption on pictures and videos. All encryption operations are performed on Sycret Text card and do not require connection to other servers, which significantly improves security compared to software encryptions. Encrypted contents not only can be stored on the Sycret Text hardware but also on cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive, making it suitable for the storage of personal information. In addition, since both the encryption key and encrypted data are stored on the Sycret Text card, users can simply remove Sycret Text card from one device and use it on another device without having to decrypt and transfer files. Convenience and privacy are the main selling points for this product.

Sycret Text also allows users to exchange encrypted SMS text messages through the encryption key-exchange program. Attempts to view encrypted SMS text message by the phone’s default message application will show scrambled codes; the contents of encrypted message will only be accessible through the Sycret Text APP. The function conceals private message exchanges and offers the best protection for confidential dialogues.


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