September 17, 2015

Synology 2016 Conference Unveils New Plans for Storage and Networking

On September 16, 2015, Synology’s annual conference, the Synology 2016, took place in Singapore along with 16 other countries, in which the leading NAS vendor unveiled its future plans and a wide range of new technologies and product updates. Highlights include the DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 operating system which brings breakthroughs in both business and home applications, Synology’s first step into the networking world – Synology Router RT1900ac – and the DS716+ NAS server, among other new products, all demonstrating Synology’s dedication to always bringing the best solutions and experience to its users.

“We look forward to meeting our users and sharing with them what’s next for the company and for our technologies in this annual conference. This is also an important opportunity for us to receive face-to-face feedback and know more about our users’ needs, in order to offer even better products and services,” said Mike Chen, Sales Director of Synology.

“We’ve seen the cloud becoming mature as a platform, so this year by utilizing Synology’s strength in software-hardware integration, we brings breakthroughs to a lot of aspects which businesses follow closely, such as cloud applications, virtualization, data protection, and disaster recovery. This will allow them to adopt more effective and comprehensive IT deployment strategies,” Chen explained.

DSM 6.0 – forward-looking NAS OS with fully upgraded architecture 
Through a complete upgrade of hardware and software architecture, DSM 6.0 presents users with a secure, advanced, and future-proof platform. Highlights include:

  • Rolled up OS architecture: fully supporting 64-bit architecture, DSM 6.0 breaks through the limit of 4G RAM and greatly improves system performance. The modularization of originally built-in applications also delivers higher system reliability and flexibility when adopting updates.
  • Petabyte-level shared folder: the Synology PetaSpace technology allows users to create a shared folder with petabyte capacity on multiple volumes, serving as the ideal solution to manage and archive cold data.
  • Accessibility features: striving to provide smooth, intuitive experience to all users, Synology is the first to offer support for NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reader to visually impaired people.
  • Enhanced security: Synology adopts the Qualys Vulnerability Management solution, ensuring all potential issues are rectified before a new DSM update is made available to the public. 

DSM 6.0 – multiple breakthroughs in business applications 
Based on the current trends of IT deployment, DSM 6.0 brings businesses the effective solutions they require. Highlights include:

Cloud synchronization, data protection, and disaster recovery 

  • Extensive data synchronization with Cloud Station: the Cloud Station suite offers cross-platform, cross-device data syncing tools. Synology’s own developed Intelliversioning algorithm filters and keeps only the most important historical versions of each file. The block-level and cross-version deduplication, exclusive to Synology’s backup feature, can provide the most effective and efficient recovery points. The newly released Cloud Station Backup package, moreover, introduces a lightweight, painless concept of how personal computers can be backed up.
  • Snapshot-based replication enables local and remote recovery: the Snapshot and Replication technology that comes with the advanced Btrfs file system reduces the impact of massive reading / writing on hard drives and high bandwidth consumption caused by traditional backup. Snapshots can be taken as frequent as every five minutes. Failover is done through one-click migration, so businesses can easily achieve uninterrupted data protection and immediate disaster recovery.
  • All-around disaster recovery solution through a hybrid cloud: being able to sync with public clouds, the Cloud Sync package adds support for several business-grade cloud services. Not only can users now set up multiple syncing tasks within a single account, but also upload the same sets of files to multiple public clouds. This makes sure that no matter what happens, data will always be available.
Exciting virtualization technologies to optimize IT resources

  • Lightweight Docker DSM: by running multiple DSM instances as Docker containers on one single NAS, IT administrators can effortlessly create an multi-tenant environment and flexibly allocate computing resources to them. It also greatly increases the overall system reliability, as all Docker DSMs run independently and do not interfere with each other.
  • Powerful Virtual DSM: in addition to Docker DSM’s advantages above, Virtual DSM offers live migration capability, allowing businesses to migrate DSM services to another host without any downtime, which will contribute to better reliability and flexibility for deployment and maintenance.
Cloud applications expanded to boost productivity

  • All-new active-active webmail solution, MailPlus: the newly designed MailPlus service allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of cross-platform support and comprehensive management features, while keeping absolute control over their data privacy. Furthermore, MailPlus Server provides an active-active high-available framework that can guarantee uninterrupted service and maintain high productivity for enterprise users.
  • SpreadSheet makes collaboration easier than ever: SpreadSheet offers comprehensive collaboration, tag, and privilege management features. To solve the commonly found issue of accidentally deleting data, it can even keep unlimited historical versions so users can easily restore a previous version themselves. 
  • Rich business applications in Note Station: the Presentation feature has evolved and is able to convert raw data to more readable charts. A new Chrome extension makes offline editing possible, freeing users from the limitations of their devices and the Internet.
  • Full content search in File Station: File Station can now index up to 700 common file formats, including the metadata of multimedia files. A quick search will identify the exact document, music, video or photo you need immediately. 
DSM 6.0 – a seamlessly connected multiscreen world for home 
Following the market closely and drawing from its prowess in software development, Synology’s mobile applications and digital streaming features have long been applauded by users worldwide. In DSM 6.0, Synology is the first to support Apple Watch, extending the multiscreen experience even further.

  • First to support Apple Watch, heading on to the world of wearable devices: in observing users’ habits, DSM 6.0 becomes the first to support Apple Watch with its DS note and DS audio mobile apps. Users can use simple gestures or voice control to quickly check or create notes, or enjoy their favorite music in all kinds of occasions. 
  • Video Station – refreshingly new, strikingly intuitive: the completely redesigned Video Station adopts the popular on-screen button layout, making navigation smoother and more intuitive than ever. New support for offline transcoding and Windows 10 enables users to switch between different devices and platforms, all the same time enjoying uninterrupted watching experience.
Synology Router RT1900ac – unparalleled user experience
With a solid foundation in the NAS industry, Synology takes its first step into the networking world, not only bringing users a stable, high performance, and smart networking center, but also making sure that users will have the same seamless and intuitive Synology experience from network configuration to connecting multiple devices. Highlights include:

  • Revolutionary user interface: the beautifully designed Synology Router Manager (SRM) operating system, combined with the DS router mobile app, brings users an unparalleled interface and navigating experience.
  • Robust performance: provides up to 1900 Mbps combined transfer speeds and supports beamforming which can maximize Wi-Fi signal for specific devices. 
  • Advanced network management: includes application-based traffic control and DNS-based, customizable web filters. 
  • Exclusive Synology add-ons: supports several popular Synology packages such as VPN Server, Radius Server, and Download Station. Connect the router with an external storage device and it immediately turns into a personal cloud.

The new DS716+ NAS server 
Making its first appearance, the DS716+ NAS server is perfectly designed for businesses and professional users. Highlights include:
  • Featuring Intel’s next-generation processor: the 14nm Intel Braswell quad-core processor reduces power consumption by 40%.
  • Real-time video transcoding: able to transcode 4K video on the fly. 
  • Excellent scalability: can be expanded to 7 hard drives by connecting DX513 expansion unit, offering massive storage capacity.
  • Uncompromising performance: compared with its predecessor, DS716+’ read / write performance increases at least 160% for AES-256 bit encrypted data transfer. 


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